Daily "must-have" in your bag and how it will change your life

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Bobby Backpack by XD Design.

The most important, in our opinion, daily attribute, without which it is difficult to imagine a trip to work, study or a walk. There are always a lot of things, so much so that it is unrealistic to fit in your pockets. Therefore, in such a situation, a backpack will be very useful, especially Bobby Backpack, which will definitely fit your laptop or tablet and everything else in detail.

It looks stylish, it is impossible to steal from it and it will fit as many things as you want (within reason, of course) — Bobby Backpack is the most important thing in your daily must-have.

Field Pouch + SlideLite/Slide by Peak Design.

Sometimes it turns out that you do not take very many things with you. For example, you won’t need a laptop or tablet, so there is no need for a large and roomy backpack.

Why take extra weight with you when you can take a small bag over your shoulder, which can easily fit the necessary things, such as keys, phone, headphones, wallet, etc.? Yes, you can put all of the above into the pockets of your clothes, but why do this if you have a Field Pouch bag? Pockets stuffed with any things, as a rule, bristle, and it looks unaesthetic. And the Field Pouch bag will perfectly fit into any style of clothing and will not become a burden for you!

This Is Ground — Cord Tacos

Tangled wires from headphones or charging are perhaps the most pressing problem of our days. You want to listen to music, but first you unravel the headphones. Yes, this happens to almost every one of us… Fortunately, this can be avoided! Brilliantly crafted and inventive pouch for any type of cord, made from 100% soft genuine leather. «Tacos» looks compact and stylish and will help you avoid the problem of constantly scattered and tangled cables in your backpack. Brilliant thing!

Bellroy — Slim Sleeve Wallet

Many of us carry wallets that are really sloppy and huge so that they no longer fit into any pocket. Opening such a wallet, you can see unnecessary papers, business cards and everything else that just clutter up the wallet. They are not used, but they still remain in the wallet, it is a pity to throw them away, they will suddenly be needed!

How to get rid of a fat wallet, this article will tell you: http://www.bagandwallet.ru/blogs/blog/5-shagov-k-tonkomu-koshelku

Now we act according to paragraph 1 of the above article, and the Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet will help us with this. Thin, neat, without unnecessary details. 2 quick access slots for frequently used cards and more slots for less functioning cards, for convenience, a retractable pull tab is made, which makes the wallet even more pleasant to work with. No matter how many cards and bills you have, Slim Sleeve will always be in shape! It will fit in any pocket or bag!

Minipresso GR&NS.

Coffee lover? And so are we! This pocket barista is incredible — enjoy delicious espresso quickly and easily! It is very convenient to use and carry and requires minimal resources and effort to make coffee. Just pour water and put coffee or a capsule (depending on the model: GR — ground coffee, NS — Nespresso capsules), make a few simple hand movements, and a cup of coffee is ready! Why go to a cafe and buy a rather expensive coffee when you have your own barista?


If you can’t stand rattling keys, or if they always scratch your electronic devices while walking, for example, then Orbitkey is a must. Orbit Key transforms an awkward bunch of keys into a comfortable organizer that holds 2 to 7 accessories. It is made from high quality leather and features coated edges and double-sided leather for added durability. The problem of keys constantly ringing and dangerous for the screens will go away with Orbit Key!

In essence, we want to make your life easier by providing you with the most interesting set of things that will be useful on a daily basis and will really solve some of your little everyday difficulties!


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