Document holder BRIALDI Henna (Enna)

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Henna means «henna» in English. It is a special type of paint used to create very intricate and beautiful patterns on human skin. Thin lines and dots streak the skin, decorating it in an oriental style. The Henna document holder, made by Brialdi, does about the same thing — it is an elegant and light decoration for any image.

Although the use of this accessory can be found in everyday life, it is in travel that it is simply indispensable. Many wanderers often have an urgent need to have this or that attribute at hand, and sometimes there is simply no time to look for it in a backpack or purse. For such cases, Henna is made. Thanks to her, everything you need on the road will always be within reach.

Henna has extremely modest dimensions, which makes it a very convenient and mobile companion. It has only three pockets: two for credit cards and one for documents, but this is more than enough to comfortably pay on the road or show your passport. A few banknotes, train or plane tickets and a business card with taxi numbers will also fit perfectly here.

The main asset of any thing from Brialdi is, of course, the material from which it is sewn. In this case, it is beautiful genuine leather — soft, elastic, retaining its natural pattern for a long time. From the inside, documents and cards are protected from scratches and abrasions by first-class Spanish felt. One cannot ignore the fact that the accessory itself is hand-sewn by true professionals in their field, who selflessly inherit the experience of the Florentine masters of the century before last.

It is said that the world is a whole book, and those who do not travel read only one page of it. It’s time to flip through this book from cover to cover, taking the handy and stylish Henna document case with you on the road.


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