Dun Fold : minimalism and functionality " in one vial"

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External and internal views.

Name of Dun Fold comes from the fact that its design is based on a mechanism similar to the opening of some double doors. Unusual and unique, we have never seen anything like it before! But that’s not the point.

What immediately caught our attention was how thin this wallet is. Even when it folds up, the Dun is still thinner than, say, 70% of the wallets on the market today.

The wallet is made from very smooth and soft skin. This does not affect the quality of the wallet in any way: after 3 weeks of use, the wallet showed no noticeable signs of wear. Of course, it’s too early to talk about its durability, but this wallet will last a very long time!


Dun Fold’e’s storage spaces have been cleverly designed: in this regard, many manufacturers should learn from the guys at Dun’a. The wallet uses a «sliding slot» mechanism in the center of the wallet. A lot of bills will fit under the leather strap in the center, and they will be completely safe. And getting them out of there is very simple, you can even not open the whole wallet, one sash is enough.

RFID — protection is also present in the wallet. Fold will protect all your cards from RFID theft. The RFID pocket is located in the center of the wallet so that the cards in the front and back pockets do not interfere with each other. Another example of the ingenious design of this wallet!


Very easy to use. You do not have to look for a bank card or banknote — everything is in front of your eyes. Quick access to everything in your wallet. The most important plus, especially for travelers, is that banknotes of all countries of the world are placed. No folding!

In the end, we want to say the following: this is a «pearl» among the ocean of boring and gray wallets. Dun Fold is the best among all thin wallets, practical, compact, functional. If you want a minimalist wallet, check out Dun Fold! You will definitely like it!


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