Fisher Space Pen — real space pens!

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The history of Fisher Space Pens and their features

During the Cold War in the 1960s In the twentieth century, the desire of man to conquer outer space knew no bounds. The struggle of the world’s largest superpowers, the USA and the USSR, was in everything: the economy, politics, the arms race and, of course, space technology. In the process of preparing for the first flights, many hitherto unknown and complex tasks arose. A clear example of one of these problems was the need to invent a pen that could write in a vacuum and no gravity. The ubiquitous myth boils down to the fact that NASA specialists set about solving the problem, who were able to spend $ 1.5 million on research and development and create an effective model of an “astronaut pen”, while Russian engineers decided to get by with an ordinary pencil.

In fact, the truth looks different. NASA really understood that a pencil lead is not the best solution: it crumbles, and then flies around the ship in the form of dust, debris and shavings in zero gravity. The space agency was looking for a solution, but did not invest in research. They were just lucky to find a successful solution for their tasks from one American company. Fisher Pen from Boulder City, Nevada. This firm, led by Paul Fisher, invested $1 million to develop a writing pen that could function in the most extreme conditions.

In 1965, inventor and entrepreneur Paul Fisher received a patent for his invention. The main features of the pen:

  1. Work in a wide temperature range (from -45°C to +200°C). A small drawback — at too high temperatures, the color of the ink changed from blue to green.
  2. The ability to write with a pen under water and in other liquids, on wet and oily paper.
  3. Can be used in horizontal or vertical position.

When NASA successfully finished testing Fisher Pen products, they purchased 400 pens for their use, and the total order price was $1,000. A few years later, Russian cosmonauts also switched to efficient Fisher Pens.

Thus, today it is customary to call these products Zero Gravity Pen or our way «Space Pens». The ink is in a special cartridge and squeezed out with compressed nitrogen at a pressure of 2.4 atm. In the normal state, they are solid, but when writing, they liquefy. To avoid ink leakage, the writing ball is made of tungsten carbide and is positioned very precisely. The Fisher Space Pens on the market today are manually tested for quality. They write even at an altitude of up to 3810 m and in a temperature range from -35 to 120 ° C. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on its products (the declared service life is 100 years) and claims that the cartridge life of the Fisher Space Pen is 3 times longer than that of any conventional pen.

Buy Fisher Space Original Astronaut Space Pen — the same model that went into space.

Buy Fisher Space Pen Bullet — one of the most popular pens in the world. Miniature when folded and a full-fledged pen in the working version.


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