Five cash purses

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Bellroy Note Sleeve

For those who want to store banknotes and 4 to 11 cards.

Wallet made of genuine leather, holds banknotes of any denomination.

There are three compartments with quick access to plastic cards and a large compartment for bills with two pockets: one for coins, the other can put more cards.

Eight colors. Warranty 3 years.

Bellroy Coin Fold Wallet

For those who want to store banknotes, from 3 to 10 cards and change.

Genuine leather wallet with flap closure. The main feature is a horizontal pocket for coins.

There is a department for banknotes of any denomination, three pockets for bank cards and one for a SIM card.

Four colors. Warranty 3 years.

Dun Wallet RFID

For those who want to store banknotes, small change and 4 to 8 cards.

DUN is the thinnest wallet in the selection (5 mm). Calf leather, handmade.

Holds up to eight cards, ten bills of any denomination and a couple of coins. Inside there is an RFID-blocking lining, you don’t have to worry about the cards.

Woolet Classic 2.0 + QI Charger

For those who want to keep banknotes, passport, change and from 4 to 10 cards.

Genuine leather wallet that connects to your phone and sends notifications if you forget your Woolet somewhere. Works with iPhone 4S and newer and Bluetooth 4.0 Android. The working radius is up to 60 meters.

The wallet comes with a QI-charger (can also be used with other QI-compatible devices, such as iPhone X). Without recharging, the wallet works for six months.

Killer feature: if you can’t find the phone, double-tap the wallet and the phone will beep.

Inscribe Journal Wallet

For those who want to carry notepad and pen (and banknotes of any denomination and from 4 to 8 cards).

The wallet holds a notepad and a pen. You can quickly write down a brilliant idea or a phone number.

There are multiple card slots (one with an RFID-blocking lining), and slots for a notepad and pen.


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