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Fashion historian Milana Abieva, in an article for the online magazine «Shipyards», talked about how to successfully fit a fanny pack into a man’s look.

Belt bags, which have not lost their relevance for more than a season, have managed to fall in love with both the strong and the weak half of humanity. However, in the cold season, under our climatic conditions, wearing such an accessory is not entirely comfortable due to voluminous clothing that saves us from frost.

Fortunately, summer is in the yard, pampering us with warm and sunny days, and at the same time with the opportunity to wear light clothes. It’s time to get out your fanny packs and complete your summer looks with them. Moreover, this bag is not only stylish, but also very functional.

Cotton chinos, a white T-shirt, sneakers and a well-fitted fanny pack are all you need for a fashionable summer look that’s great for cycling, boating, or just going to the park or have a cup of coffee on the summer veranda. Both a voluminous waist bag and a more compact, but still close to a sports model, are perfect for such an image. By the way, the first option will look interesting both from the front and from the back — worn like a backpack.

Five ideas for carrying a fanny pack
Chinos, a white T-shirt and sneakers are the perfect complement to a fanny pack

If you opt for the same oversized fanny pack, but more minimalist and made of more sophisticated material, then this option will serve you well for creating a casual look. Stylize this bag with light-colored trousers, a lightweight trench coat or, which is relevant for our changeable weather, with a raincoat. Pair it with black or brown sunglasses to match the bag and voila – a stylish casual look is ready.

Five ideas for carrying a fanny pack
Belt bag will complement any casual look.

In the event that your summer turned out to be full of business meetings and there is not so much time for rest, then I recommend choosing a compact plain belt bag. Laconic in form and design, the model will perfectly fit even into a business look.

Five ideas for carrying a fanny pack
Business style fanny pack is not a hindrance

Wear this bag with a linen jacket or safari jacket, or with trousers and a light linen shirt. Consider not only classic leather or suede options, but also models made of smooth and dense synthetic materials — such can often be found in Prada, for example.

And for fans of outrageous and bright non-standard images, there are a lot of interesting options in various segments — from luxury Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga to the mass market.

Five ideas for carrying a fanny pack
Bright belt bags become the center of any look

Belt bags of various sizes and colors, with appliqués, with imitation of street art, with many pendants. In short, for lovers of original accessories, manufacturers offer a lot of extravagant options that, in combination with even the most basic clothing, will create an unusual look.

Five ideas for carrying a fanny pack
Carrying a bag for its intended purpose is also not forbidden.

Another option for the most courageous and self-confident fashionistas. Contrary to the current trend of wearing a waist bag exclusively over the shoulder, some fashion houses and stylists still offer a way familiar to us from the nineties to wear such a bag for its intended purpose — on the belt. However, this option is very insidious and there is every chance to miscalculate with the model of the bag and its styling. However, I am attaching a photo for inspiration. Dare!


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