Four reasons to buy a bottle of Memobottle

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Caring for the environment

Plastic pollution is one of the burning problems of our time. Every year, around 50 billion bottles are thrown into the environment, and once-clean rivers and forests become a terrible sight, and their inhabitants find themselves on the verge of life and death.

The guys from Memobottle faced this problem in their hometown near Melbourne and decided it was time to do away with single-use plastic polluting nature. Thus, an environmentally friendly and safe reusable bottle was born. memobottle.


The design of Memobottle originated from a desire to update the traditionally cylindrical plastic bottle and make it flat, like a book or laptop. This shape allows you to save space in your bag or backpack.

Of course, Memobottle is not the only flat water bottle, but it is based on international paper sizes: A5, A6 and A7. The accessory will organically fit into your EDC.

At first glance it seems that Memobottle does not have a large capacity. However, the volume of the bottle A5 — 750 ml — enough for a whole working day. Dimensions A6 and A7 almost two and three times smaller, respectively, but they are suitable for those who travel light — with a bag over their shoulder or without anything at all (yes, Memobottle A6 and A7 fit easily into a back pocket).

Also, in the Memobottle line there is a size Slim — it is longer than other options, and its volume is 450 ml. The bottle is compact and takes up minimal space in your bag.

The Memobottle accessory is absolutely transparent — the only thing that stands out on the outside is the raised signs with the size of the bottle. The kit includes white and black covers, the accessory itself and the Memobooklet brochure — thanks for helping to save the environment.


It is believed that with prolonged use, plastic becomes hazardous to health. It contains Bisphenol A, which causes irreparable harm to the body. The material from which the Memobottle is made is environmentally friendly and does not contain this substance, so the accessory can be used for many years.

Memobottle manufacturers are meticulous in their mission to protect the environment from plastic waste — even the packaging is made from recycled cardboard, which decomposes 1350 times faster than plastic. It’s nice that the company adheres to environmental friendliness in everything.


15 thousand rubles — about the same amount a person spends daily buying a bottle of water. Memobottle price is 5 times lower.

You can fill the accessory at home and use it all day. This makes it much more rational. And safer, because, unlike the plastic that a regular water bottle is made of, the Memobottle material is absolutely harmless to the body.

Bottle memobottle It is practical, ergonomic and stylish. Most importantly, it’s unique.


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