Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket Review

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Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket is a minimalistic sling bag with a volume of 1 liter, which will be convenient, functional and roomy both in everyday life and on trips abroad.

We have been testing the accessory for nine months, and now we have a complete picture of it. We would like to share our impressions of Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket with you.

Material and design

The bag is presented in one color. It’s a mixture of two different shades — a lighter and a darker gray — that combine to create a truly unique color scheme. The contour design of the sling is interesting — the zippers have a strict black color, which stands out against the background of the accessory’s facade, which emphasizes its prim style.

Examining the exterior branding, a large sticker can be seen on the front of the bag. HEIMPLANET and a small logo next to the name. The text and logo look elegant and unobtrusive. Moreover, the sticker itself is transparent, so it does not stand out much against the general background of the sling.

The bag is made of two main materials — nylon 800D and polypropylene DYECOSHELL 660D. In general, thanks to the mixture of two fabrics, the sling has acquired an exceptional synthesis of density and softness. The polypropylene gives it a stretchy feel and the nylon gives it a bit of rigidity and makes it really hard and durable.

There is a slightly padded panel on the back of the Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket. It is based on a hexagon model, which has no functional component — this is a design element of Heimplanet, which can also be found on other products of the brand. However, the panel is made of EVA foam to keep the bag in a solid shape.

By the way, many tents from the German company have the shape of a hexagon.

The inner lining, made of polyester, contains hints of the same pattern as on the back of the bag. This is a subtle branding element from Heimplanet that seamlessly ties all the details of the sling together.

To protect the inside of the bag from the weather, it was equipped with weather-resistant YKK zippers with a long puller made of thin and dense rope. In addition to being water-resistant, zippers also look much neater than regular zippers, as there is a layer of fabric over the zipper teeth.

As fittings, light aluminum equipment is used to adjust the length of the strap, as well as to attach it to the bag. It’s always nice to see plastic being replaced by metal. Therefore, theoretically, the fittings should last a long time.

External elements

Before delving into the details of the bag, consider the possible ways to carry it. Everything is very simple: since the sling has a cross-shaped belt system, you can wear it both in front of you and behind you.

Overall, the Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket has a comfortable fit, but with prolonged use, the strap can end up right at the neck. This is a nasty little thing worth mentioning.

However, this only happens when the accessory is completely clogged. Many brands have been able to solve this problem by moving the connection points of the bag and strap a little lower or higher (depending on the size). Heimplanet has created a minimalist sling that doesn’t have the extra space to remove this nuisance. Again, this problem pops up during prolonged use and when the accessory is fully loaded.

As for the external components, there are two small straps next to the logo. What are they needed for? For example, to attach a carabiner and hang the bag in front of you on an airplane or place it in the bathroom as a toilet bag for hygiene items. After all, they can be used to attach another item to the sling.

Inner sling compartment

Before moving on to the inner space of the sling, let’s focus on an inconspicuous external zipped pocket. The compartment is almost invisible against the background of the outer part of the accessory, which is a big plus both in terms of functionality and style. It is unlikely that anyone other than you will know about its existence (we certainly mean a potential thief, although it is doubtful that he would dare to reach for the contents of the pocket in front of you.) Also, the compartment does not stand out on the facade of the bag — it is organically built into the overall pattern of the accessory, as it is hidden by a neat piece of fabric.

The pocket is perfect for phones — firstly, it has a convenient location, respectively, the smartphone will always be at hand. Secondly, the lining in it is much softer than in the main compartment, and this is especially important for those who want to avoid unnecessary scratches on the screen. By the way, sunglasses can also be put in a pocket, and it will serve as a kind of cover. We checked — the lenses of the glasses retained their previous state.

The main compartment opens in a horseshoe shape, providing easy access to all the nooks and crannies of the space. There are two stretchy mesh pockets at the corners of the sling, which we used to store the headphones and the Orbitkey Key Organizer. They are great for keeping accessories firmly in place. In addition, corner pockets filled with accessories highlight the sling’s sophisticated shape.

There are two stretch mesh divider pockets on the back of the interior. It seems that one is made for a medium-sized portable battery with a cable, and the second is for a thin cardholder.

Finally, there is a zippered pocket located behind the two stretch pockets mentioned above. This is a great place to keep your passport when you travel (*in the gif the document is wrapped in a Bellroy Passport Sleeve). It also shows that the zipper slider is equipped with a key ring, but this is not a factory item, but a hand-made innovation. We love ergonomics and maximum efficiency, so we fixed the accessory in this way, adding another functional element to the interior compartment.

Overall, we think the internal organization of the Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket is very well thought out. The main compartment is roomy and practical enough so you can arrange all your accessories as you wish and be sure that nothing will dangle chaotically on the way.


The Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket provides the organization and functionality you need in a minimalist and slim package. The size of the sling is just right for carrying a few things with you during the day or taking it on a plane. The material of the bag will provide high wear resistance and water resistance.

Heimplanet has created a product that stands out among millions of similar accessories with its uniqueness and idea. Believe me, this sling is truly exceptional.


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