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Fashion historian Milana Abieva continues to talk about the most iconic bags in the history of the fashion industry especially for the online magazine «Verfi».

Continuing the theme of cult handbags, today it is more relevant than ever to talk about the history of the creation of one of the most sought-after models of this season — the Jackie handbag from the Gucci fashion house. This handbag, once again rethought by the brand, once again fell in love with all fashionistas, and not only. This time, the Gucci fashion house offers to wear this iconic model, including representatives of the strong half of humanity. But let’s get back to the most interesting story of the creation of this trendy accessory, because behind it, as often happens, is one of the most stylish and charming women in history.

Who would have thought that, entering the Gucci boutique in 1964, the beautiful Jackie Kennedy (then already the widow of the former US president) would fall in love at first sight. But not in a man, as you might think, but in a handbag.

Beautiful Jackie opted for a handbag called Constance, which first saw the world back in 1950. Gorgeous Jacqueline was so fascinated by this model that she bought more than one or even two handbags. Six handbags replenished her wardrobe at once. Thus, without even knowing it, Mrs. Kennedy once again immortalized her name in the fashion world.

History of Jackie.  Legendary bags
Jackie Kennedy with the iconic Jackie handbag

During the short period of John F. Kennedy’s presidency, his beautiful wife managed to conquer not only the United States, but the whole world with her impeccable style. Jacqueline Kennedy quickly gained the status of a real style icon, and therefore, even after leaving the «position» of the first lady, the beautiful Jackie remained in the spotlight.

History of Jackie.  Legendary bags
Jackie Kennedy with the iconic Jackie handbag

She became such an iconic figure in fashion that not a single one of her appearances went unnoticed, not to mention the paparazzi who endlessly pursued her. In these very frames, caught by annoying reporters, Jackie repeatedly held her favorite Gucci handbag in her hands, often covering her face in an attempt to hide from the obsessive curiosity of journalists.

At some point, this bag became so inextricably associated with the name of its mistress that it was renamed from Constance to Jackie, and became the object of desire for all fashionistas.

The Jackie model has become a real symbol of the Gucci fashion house and the designers who headed the fashion house at different periods have repeatedly relied on it. And, I must say, we never lost. The handbag experienced another surge in popularity in the first decade of this century, when the talented Tom Ford was at the helm of the fashionable ship called Gucci.

History of Jackie.  Legendary bags
New version of the Gucci handbag 2020. Source: Gucci

And today, more than a decade later, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele has once again rethought the Jackie model, thereby breathing new life into it and, of course, adding popularity to the brand.

History of Jackie.  Legendary bags
Gucci 2020 show guest with Jackie handbag

During Gucci’s fall 2020 show, Jackie was arguably the real star of the collection. Almost every fashion show look was complemented by a cult handbag: both male and female. This time the variety of colors, sizes and textures exceeded all expectations. From soft pink mini to voluminous vintage denim. The Jackie handbag justified its knowledge of the «legendary» — after all, more than half a century after its appearance, it is still relevant, in demand and does not stop winning the hearts of even more people.


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