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Fashion historian Milana Abieva continues to talk about the legendary bags in a series of materials specially for the online magazine «Shipyards».

In November 1995, during her visit to Argentina, Princess Diana, as always looking her best, did not part with a laconic and extremely feminine black handbag made of smooth leather. Now, looking at the photo, we can immediately say “Oh, yes, this is the same legendary Lady Dior handbag!”

But then this bag model could not be seen on anyone else. And all because it was created by the house of Dior shortly before that — by order of the first lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, especially for the Princess of Wales. The first lady presented this handbag to Diana at the exhibition dedicated to Paul Cezanne, held in Paris, and from that moment on, the “queen of hearts” often chose it to complement her beautiful outfits.

History of Lady Dior.  Legendary bags
Princess Diana with the legendary Lady Dior

However, the handbag did not immediately get its name — at first its unspoken name was «Chouchou». And only when she gained tremendous popularity, inseparable from the impeccable image of her star mistress, Dior, with the blessing of Diana herself, renamed her «Lady Dior».

History of Lady Dior.  Legendary bags
Princess Diana and her constant companion Lady Dior

From the very moment the bag appeared on the shelves of Christian Dior boutiques, it enjoyed enormous popularity. In the first two years since the start of sales, more than 200 thousand copies of the Lady Dior model, which is still the hallmark of the Dior house, were sold.

Despite the fact that the history of this iconic handbag began more than one decade after the death of the legendary couturier Christian Dior, it is a true embodiment of the elegance praised by Dior. Lady Dior embodies the entire heritage of the fashion house — every detail has a special meaning and appeared for a reason.

The decorative stitch that adorns the bag has become one of the symbols of the fashion house today — this happened largely thanks to the handbag itself. However, the history of this motif goes far into the past and is closely connected with the name of Monsieur Dior himself.

As you know, the couturier paid great attention to detail — and this concerned not only the creation of dresses or accessories, but also the interiors of his fashion house and, of course, shows. So, at all the long-awaited shows of the great master of fashion, his eminent guests sat on the Napoleon III chairs — it should have been like this, and nothing else.

History of Lady Dior.  Legendary bags
The Napoleon III chair is the inspiration for the iconic Cannage motif

And, if you look closely at these chairs, you can clearly see the same iconic Dior motif that adorns the legendary Lady Dior. Cannage is the name of the weave used for the seat of these chairs and was the inspiration for the iconic bag presented to the Queen of Hearts. Today, the Cannage motif adorns not only Lady Dior’s handbag, but also many of the brand’s accessories, from silk scarves to purses and shoes.

History of Lady Dior.  Legendary bags
Pendant letters — a reference to the mascots of Christian Dior

However, not only decorative stitching reminds us of the founder of the fashion house and the rich history of the brand. Another detail of the iconic handbag pays homage to its ancestor — namely, the letters D, I, O and R, forming a surname that has become a legend in the fashion world. Letters-pendants adorning one of the handles of the handbag remind us of the superstition of Christian Dior himself and of the talismans with which he never parted and which, according to the couturier himself, were the key to the success of each new collection.

For many years now, since its inception, the Lady Dior handbag has not lost its relevance and is a true symbol of elegance, just like the beautiful Princess Diana, after whom it is named.

Today, the Dior fashion house, under the leadership of the progressive Maria Grazia Chiuri, offers its charming clients not only the classic version of the bag, which is included in the category of timeless classics, but also new versions of the cult bag — a variety of sizes from micro-version to ultra-capacious, made not only from leather, but also from textiles, in a variety of colors and even with the possibility of personalization. However, three things remain the same — the iconic Cannage motif, the pendant letters and, of course, the timeliness of the Lady Dior model, which can fit into the wardrobe of representatives of various generations.

History of Lady Dior.  Legendary bags
One of the new versions of the bag proposed by Maria Grazia Chiuri


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