How beautiful it is to wear a backpack Fashion historian Milana Abiyeva, especially for the online magazine «Shipyards», spoke about how to organically fit a backpack into a man’s image. Read more

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Fashion historian Milana Abieva, especially for the online magazine «Shipyards», spoke about how to organically fit a backpack into a man’s look.

“A comfortable thing cannot be beautiful” — unfortunately, this erroneous motto often pushes people to choose accessories that are not quite relevant and stylish. Or, on the contrary, fashion victims sometimes opt for things that organically fit into the image, but are extremely uncomfortable and non-functional. Nevertheless, fashion has stepped forward a lot, and today, due to the mixing of styles and the trend for comfort, the task of choosing relevant and comfortable accessories and clothing items is more than achievable.

Today we will talk about how you can beautifully and elegantly wear a backpack — one of the most comfortable and most popular accessories among men. The popularity of the backpack has been around for more than a decade. From an exclusively sporting accessory, the backpack has gradually penetrated into the everyday wardrobe of both children and adults.

Due to its lightness, functionality and, of course, the features of socks that are not harmful to health, the backpack quickly won universal love and is still considered perhaps the most convenient type of bag. If you also consider yourself an ardent fan of backpacks, but consider this accessory not always appropriate, I have good news for you — today a backpack can rightfully be called one of the hottest fashion accessories and it is appropriate in absolutely any situation (black tie counts). do not take).

What is good to wear a backpack
An effective combination of a hiking backpack and military style

So, if you profess a fashionable religion, created by our compatriot Demna Gvasalia, and prefer outrageous oversize, then, of course, there simply cannot be a backpack in your wardrobe. After all, it was the Balenciaga brand, under the strict guidance of Demna, that popularized the current fashion for sportswear and, as a result, backpacks, which is so relevant today. A frankly sporty backpack, whether in a versatile black color or embellished with an expressive print, it will organically fit into any everyday look.

What is good to wear a backpack
The bright backpack will perfectly fit into casual style of clothes.

If you are an exceptionally creative person and office everyday life is not your usual routine, then this option will be for you “for all occasions”. Pair this backpack with absolutely everything from a bulky hoodie on a rainy day to a basic set of jeans and a T-shirt and even an oversized linen shirt.

What is good to wear a backpack
What is good to wear a backpack

These backpacks will also perfectly complement casual style looks, making them more versatile and individual. Style this backpack with cropped trousers, a classic trench coat and brogues and your look is sure to succeed.

Despite the sporty «background» of backpacks, today backpacks often take on laconic forms, giving this accessory a very status appearance. At the same time, the fact that such a backpack retains all the advantages of the sports version and is comfortable to wear remains a huge plus. A minimalist backpack made of leather or suede is perfect for lovers of a more elegant and restrained style of clothing.

This option will be appropriate both at a business meeting and on a weekend walk. It will be a great addition not only to a business suit, but also to a casual look — style it with a safari jacket and loafers or with a cotton shirt and laconic sneakers.

What is good to wear a backpack

Don’t forget about the contrast of styles — such frankly elegant accessories are perfectly combined with knitted sports sets made in monochrome colors, as well as with jeans and sweatshirts.

Well, if you are not going to radically change your lifestyle in the near future, then you probably already know which option to choose. And if you like adventures, then take two at once, because there are never too many backpacks!


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