How Bellroy wallets appeared in Russia

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The story of how it all began:

Many Internet users spend hours on the Internet looking for something new, interesting and unique. So we did (and still do) and we. As a result, we came across this video:

This video presentation surprised us.

First of all, we were amazed at how cool it is to advertise something as mundane as a wallet. In 50 seconds, we were shown how this wallet is better than those that were in our pockets and bags. Secondly, for the first time we were faced with the promotion of not the wallets themselves, but the idea of ​​​​smart storage of things. [Carryology].

We were very interested in the products of the Bellroy brand and we began to look for who they are. It turned out that this is a well-known brand in the world (but not in Russia), at least the number of “likes” on Facebook testifies to this. We showed these wallets to all our friends and acquaintances — the reaction was the same: «I want such a wallet.» Next, we quickly made a website where we placed all the products of the Bellroy brand:

  • Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet
  • Bellroy Very Small Wallet
  • Bellroy Very Protective Wallet
  • Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet
  • Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet
  • Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet
  • Bellroy Take Out Wallet
  • Bellroy Passport Sleeve Wallet
  • Bellroy Travel Wallet

We immediately began to receive orders for these models.

We gave our friends a total of 20 wallets for various holidays! And they still love them to this day!

At the end of November we were contacted by a representative of Bellroy Pty Ltd. It turned out that one of the buyers told about our online store. And we were invited to become the official representative of Bellroy in Russia! online store team


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