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Fashion historian Milana Abiyeva, in an article specially for the online magazine «Shipyards», talked about how to choose the right women’s handbag for the wardrobe.

Perhaps, every girl has more than once faced with a pleasant, but at the same time difficult choice: the choice of a handbag suitable for herself. Belt bags, clutches, shoppers, micro-bags, backpacks — the variety of one of the most beloved women’s accessories is so great that sometimes your head just spins. Therefore, today we will talk about how to ease your agony of choice and choose exactly the option that fits perfectly into your wardrobe.

What can a mother on maternity leave have in common with a business woman who moves endlessly between meetings? That’s right — a shopping bag! After all, it is such a bag that can accommodate both a pile of documents and a laptop, as well as baby bottles and pacifiers.

Today’s variety of shoppers will give you the opportunity to choose from a more casual option, as well as a more elegant one — made of leather or suede. The latter option will not only ideally complement any business image, but will not lose its relevance on weekends.

How to choose a handbag for your wardrobe
Elegant leather shopping bag
How to choose a handbag for your wardrobe
An example of a casual look with a shopper bag

If you are still at a young age, or just free-swimming and enjoying the delights of life, then any handbag on a long chain is created especially for you.

How to choose a handbag for your wardrobe
Jessica Alba with chain bag

Such a model will perfectly fit into any cocktail look and is suitable for going to the theater, cafe, cinema or club. And thanks to the long handle, such a bag will not lose its functionality even during the day — you can take it for a walk in the park or ride a bike — wearing it in the manner of a «cross-body».

Another option for dynamic and free ladies is a waist bag. This model is ideal for urban images at any time of the year. In summer, it will perfectly complement an oversized linen suit, and in winter it will look great with both a down jacket and a bathrobe coat. However, such a handbag is not always appropriate during evening outings and social events.

Therefore, if you still decide to opt for a waist bag, for maximum versatility, pay attention to transformer models. Such handbags, as a rule, have more compact dimensions, but at the same time they can boast a removable handle, without which they flawlessly perform the functions of a clutch.

How to choose a handbag for your wardrobe
An example of an elegant belt bag from Saint Laurent. Source: Alessandralapp

The latter, by the way, can also be very versatile. The variety of clutches offered by designers today is so great that you will definitely find an option that suits your lifestyle and style. A voluminous clutch-patty, an envelope clutch, a miniature universal clutch with a long detachable strap — each of these options is able to make its owner happy

How to choose a handbag for your wardrobe
An example of a contrasting look with a voluminous clutch

The clutch-pie, due to its spaciousness, will be extremely convenient during the day. It will fit not only cosmetics and a wallet, but also, if necessary, a tablet or a book. You can also safely take this option to the theater or to a party. The only taboo with such a clutch is in no case to complement it with a frankly evening dress.

The classic clutch envelope has similar functionality, so here you can safely choose based on your own preferences. Pay attention to how the color scheme of your outfit matches. And do not forget to match the palette of your wardrobe when choosing a bag to complement it beautifully.

And do not forget about the main rule that should be followed when choosing a handbag. First of all, pay attention to the quality of the product. After all, it is a high-quality and beautiful bag that can make the simplest image memorable.


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