How to choose the best sling bag?

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Slings have become very popular lately. There is an explanation for this — our world has become more minimalistic, and with it accessories. We are starting to ditch bulky backpacks in favor of practical slings that hold everything you need. Why carry a half-empty briefcase when you can get by with an ergonomic sling?

However, the question arises: “How to choose the right waist bag?”. It is absolutely logical, since the market currently offers many options, which makes it difficult to choose the best one. So what are the best features to look for in a sling?

Optimal balance between lightness and durability

Sling bags are generally designed to carry small, light items, so they don’t have to look bulky. At the same time, if you regularly use the accessory, then the factor of durability and wear resistance should be a priority.

Comfortable and adjustable strap

Good sling bags should include a long, padded, and adjustable strap that can be adjusted to the user’s preference. It is great if the strap has a soft upholstery that provides comfort even with intensive wear. Sometimes it is not required if the accessory is not designed for heavy objects. It is important that the strap is easily adjustable, because in any case you will need the ability to tighten or loosen it.

Padded back panel

Whether you wear the bag on your hip, on your chest, or at your waist, items lying inside can bump into your body if the accessory is not padded enough. The padded back panel will help you avoid this.

Thoughtful organization

Having to rummage through your bag looking for small items is annoying. Look for a sling that is reasonably well organized with enough pockets for all your items. We can note that one or two pockets for the phone and keys are always needed. Hidden pockets for valuables are also appreciated.

Easy Access

One of the main advantages of a good sling bag is easy and convenient access to all the accessories on the go. So choose an accessory that moves easily from chest to back and vice versa. A convenient sling bag does not need to be removed to get the necessary item.

Freedom of movement

Sling bags should be designed to promote ease of movement. Therefore, you need an accessory that will not restrict your body movements, no matter how you wear it.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what to consider when choosing a sling bag, let’s take a look at the options available in our store. SpoilerA: Each of the bags has its own unique feature.

Cote et Ciel Isarau Obsidian

Love the minimalist aesthetic with an eccentric silhouette? Then turn your attention to the elegant Isarau, which seamlessly combines urban style with everyday practicality. Made from water-resistant polyester with a rubberized finish, this bag is inspired by traditional samurai armor. The sling is comfortable to wear on the chest, back or waist. The main compartment holds a tablet up to 9.7 inches, while the outer pockets are designed to keep small essentials within easy reach.

The brand has also created a more compact version of the sling, designed for just the bare essentials. Isarau Small Obsidian retains similar functionality, design, organization and materials to the larger version, but is inferior to it in size (which is logical).

Cote et Ciel Oder-Spree Obsidian Black

The design of the sling combines two important features — ergonomics and practicality. The name of the bag only confirms the exclusivity of the accessory: the Oder-Spree is a canal that connects two great European rivers — the Elbe and the Oder, and thus forms an economically important waterway. Made from water-repellent black polyester with a matte PU finish, the sling will look great in any environment. The bag holds a laptop or tablet up to 13″ in the main compartment and has two external zippered pockets for more organization and roominess.

Bellroy Sling

The Australian brand offers a sling that strikes the perfect balance of timeless and elegant style with easy access to all accessories. The magnetic strap closure makes it quick and easy to attach or remove the bag. The front pocket and main compartment provide thoughtful, yet uncluttered organization for your essentials. And thanks to the expandable/compressible function, the sling holds more items while maintaining a neat silhouette. At the same time, the volume of the accessory can be reduced if there are not so many things, and they need to be compactly laid out in all pockets.

The Bellroy Sling has a «double» that stands out for its premium quality. The functionality, organization and design of both versions are the same, but the materials are different. Whereas the regular version of the Bellroy Sling is made from water-resistant fabric in the classic range of colors, the Bellroy Sling Premium is made from leather and water-resistant fabric in the brand’s extraordinary shades of desert and dark black (no matter how strange it may sound).

Rains Bum Bag

Rains has its own unique style, from which it does not deviate a single step when creating products. Its main components are minimalism and water resistance. Each product is simple in terms of design, but this simplicity is elegant and neat. She can be traced in a small sling Rains Bum Bag.

The Bum Bag is a functional bag that can be worn over the shoulder, across the body or at the waist thanks to the adjustable strap. Made from water-resistant material with a matte finish, the sling has one main compartment that is well protected from the rain.

Pacsafe vibe 325 Sling

Equipped with an anti-theft system, Pacsafe Vibe 325 is great for the city and travel, has a streamlined design and a practical 10L volume that can accommodate a wide range of items.

The bag is equipped with a padded compartment for a tablet, as well as additional pockets and compartments for a phone, wallet, compact umbrella and other items. Plus, integrated hidden features keep your essentials safe on the go, including an RFID-protected pocket, cut-resistant steel mesh sewn into the fabric of the bag, and the ability to zip up zippers.

Pacsafe vibe 100

At first glance, it seems that the Pacsafe Vibe 100 has nothing unique — a standard belt bag. Indeed, the sling does not have an outstanding design, but this is not its peculiarity.

Pacsafe Vibe 100 is equipped with a sophisticated anti-theft system that even the most professional thief cannot bypass. Three-level protection of the main compartment, RFID-protected pockets, cut-resistant steel straps sewn into the fabric — all these elements make up the sling’s security set.

With a volume of 4 liters, Pacsafe Vibe 100 has room for everything you need during the day. At the same time, the compartments have a soft lining that protects accessories from mechanical damage.

Pacsafe Venturesafe X Waistpack

Sling with anti-theft features similar to Pacsafe Vibe 100. Its main difference is that it is a little more spacious and organized.

The Venturesafe X Waistpack is equipped with two compartments, each of which has a fairly large number of pockets to accommodate all the accessories. For example, a pocket for a tablet up to 7 inches.

Venque Voyage Sling

The Canadian brand always pleases us with strict and stylish accessories. Their design is versatile and the materials are elegant and durable. The Venque Voyage Sling shoulder bag is no exception.

The sling combines a wide capacity and thoughtful organization, a neat silhouette, complemented by leather elements, and a durable and comfortable adjustable strap. The material of the outer part is based on durable and water-resistant Quanta fabric, which is highly resistant to wear.

The Venque Voyage Sling is the bag that allows you to skip a bulky briefcase when you only need to carry a few essentials.

Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket

We recently did a big review on an accessory from a German brand, where we carefully considered all the components of the accessory.

In short, this is an accessory you can rely on. It has a minimalistic and neutral design in the spirit of Heimplanet, good organization in terms of the number of pockets and their location, water-resistant and wear-resistant materials with a unique pattern. In addition, the Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket features a padded back panel and a quick-adjust strap. For a more complete picture, read our article.


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