How to choose the right business bag: tips

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A good portfolio can help you get into the corporate world faster than you can say, «Good morning, colleagues.» But a mistake in choosing can overthrow you in an instant. Therefore, we offer three important things that you should pay attention to when buying a men’s business bag and what qualities should be avoided.


1. Style and materials used

The task of a good men’s bag is to set you apart from the crowd, help you get a promotion or win an important client. Choose a portfolio that suits your environment. For the corporate sector, black is still the cutting edge, although brown is sometimes not inferior. For a more creative work environment, you can experimentto play with colors and shapes.

Unless you’re planning on buying a new bag every three months, your briefcase needs to look presentable over time. There is a demand for vintage business bags, and it is clear why: they still look great. You can find patina (a unique pattern resulting from the natural aging of a material) in materials such as: thick leather, canvas and even aluminum.

2. Capacity (nominal volume)

A briefcase is your business working tool, not a backpack on a hike. A business bag should look neat and restrained — the higher your position, the thinner the bag should be. Be focused on your work tools. Think about what you need to take with you to work, and what absolutely does not belong there. If you are going to the grocery, shopping center or planning to do any other types of non-working activities, a business briefcase is not a hindrance, just do not forget to take a second bag with you.

3. Degree of content protection

Immediately after you become the owner of a good business portfolio, all of its contents, which will be in excellent condition, can impress your manager or business partner as much as the portfolio itself. Who likes coffee stains on documents?

A good business bag will protect things and documents belonging to you (or your company). Once inside a briefcase, your papers need something hard and smooth to hold their shape, while various electronic devices like phones and laptops need something soft to prevent bumps and scratches. ClassifiedConfidential papers require a different level of protection: the presence of locks and the impenetrable structure of a business bag.


1. Formlessnessb

Empty bags look terrible. On the other hand, bags stuffed to capacity are no better. This is one of the reasons why all the photos of bags and briefcases posted on the Internet are made with goods that are filled enough to look neat. Business bags and briefcases follow the same canons. On occasion, buy a business briefcase that can stand on any surface and won’t collapse if not filled enough. It is also important that the bag does not look like traveling and bloated if it is filled a little more than usual. Good color and thick, strong materials will come in handy in this case like nowhere else.

2. Cheap nylon

Nylon is indispensable for backpacks, messenger bags and tents. For business bags — not always. Classic options are leather and canvas. The only possible option for a patina on your nylon bag is that it is possible that you traveled the world with it, passed several tests during this trip, experienced a lot together and still use such a bag outside of hiking. But not in the office. A possible exception is if you clean the bag meticulously and have never scratched it, so it looks like you just bought it. Sorry, but most of us are too lazy for that.

3. Too many pockets/compartments

Some business bags and briefcases have been so engineered that they have pockets for just about anything. Unless you’re a control freak, you’re bound to forget what you put where, and soon your bag will start to look like a small warehouse. Don’t buy one unless you work at a hardware store.


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