How to choose the right messenger: tips

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Messengers and shoulder bags surpass backpacks in their lightness and overall concept: you will look equally stylish in and out of the office. However, there are several problems with each option. Messengers have soft shapes so that you can get maximum comfort when wearing it over your shoulder. But in fact, they are not the best solution if you need to carry hard things in it, such as a laptop. Traditional shoulder bags are more structured, can easily accommodate both a laptop and work papers, but they will no longer surround you with their softness, unlike a messenger.


1. Structure:

Not many bags look great with a mixed fabric structure. If you lead an active lifestyle and, for example, use a bicycle, the softer the bag, the better. If the main purpose of the shoulder bag is business and for use in the office, choose a more rigid and durable material. In this case, the softness of the fabric will not be in favor of your image. Choose a bag that is shaped like the items you put in it. For soft, fabric messengers, the solution with a flap closure (hinged cover) is the most successful, for messengers that have several mixed materials in the composition, a Velcro fastener twisting on top of the product is most suitable, and for classic shoulder bags, a zip fastener is suitable.

2. Good strap (preferably double-sided):

You only choose once, so it’s important not to make a mistake. If you are active and use a bike, make sure that your messenger is suitable for this. You should always be able to tighten the belt and throw the bag behind your back without worrying about it. This type of messenger should be made of good material, including the strap itself. So that you can loosen or tighten the buckle at any time and thus adjust the length. If you’re looking for a generic shoulder bag, don’t plan on being as active as you are using it, it’s not meant to be. Just like the strap on it.

3. Fabric that suits you:

If you use a vehicle such as a moped or bicycle, you need a waterproof polyester bag to withstand all the vagaries of the weather: rain, road mud and slush (nylon is usually more flashy and bright). If you are little affected by the weather and move from the bus / car directly to the office, you can choose for yourself a messenger option made of durable fabric (canvas), leather or any other natural fabrics and their combinations. If you want to look stylish and have a bag that is not afraid of the weather, then raincoat or canvas soaked in wax is your option.


1. Sloppy cut:

It manifests itself in the form of seams turned inside out, you can even see protruding shreds of fabric. This is the result of the laziness of the manufacturer. This should definitely be avoided if you do not want to look untidy.

2. Clutter in branches:

Most messengers offer a storage compartment immediately below the flap closure. If you clutter this compartment too much and throw everything from your lunch to your laptop charger into it, get ready for the fact that half of the things stored there will become unusable. It is necessary to separate things and organize their storage in such a way as to avoid damage to items inside the bag.

3. Bright and attractive vs business messengers:

Unless you think it’s great, don’t go for something fancy. Any image can be irrevocably spoiled by a poorly chosen bag. You can undermine your credibility with the wrong color choice. It is necessary to stick to something neutral and proven: from the color and size of the manufacturer’s logo on the surface of the bag, to its neatness and the right shape.


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