How to choose the right wallet: tips

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The size of most wallets is unreasonably high. Trying to make access to any plastic card equally convenient, wallets turn into something brick-like that does not fit in your pocket. A large and unattractive cobblestone looks extremely unpresentable, delays the place of its storage and signals to others about the possible lack of some kind of control in your life.

A good wallet has compartments for only a few priority cards with easy access to each of them. For the rest, used less often, there is a separate storage space.


1. Banknote storage conditions: folded or full-sized:

Folded banknotes are a great space saver and allow you to use smaller wallet options. Of course, it is much more convenient to take out and put unfolded banknotes, but, accordingly, the size of your wallet will also increase. Think about how often you generally use banknotes for settlement. This will help you choose the right wallet size.

2. Number of compartments for plastic cards:

A wallet designed to store 15 plastic cards will look at least strange if it contains only 3 cards. You need to choose a wallet that is designed for exactly the number of cards that should be constantly at hand. Thus, you will avoid unused extra space in the compartments of the product.

3. Volume is just as important as size:

The volume of a wallet is a measure of how much it will look like a brick while in your pocket. You need to find just such a wallet that will look equally presentable, being incomplete or containing all the plastic cards you have.


1. Excess space:

Each time you separate the available cards into compartments, a layer of air and the material of the wallet itself is formed, which increases its volume accordingly. If you distribute each card into each of the 15 compartments, your wallet will look like a hamburger.

2. Thick skin:

Your wallet should not look like any kind of cargo being dropped from an aircraft. A good manufacturer uses thinner leathers to keep your wallet as sleek as possible and not weigh down your pocket like an unnecessary burden.

3. Compartments for storing small items:

If you have an extra pocket, this is a great opportunity to store coins. Just like a tip jar, your partner’s bag or your car. If you carry change in your wallet, you greatly increase its size, stretch the skin and cause inconvenience for the plastic cards stored in it. Using a change regularly, choose a wallet suitable for these purposes, and do not forget to periodically revise the coins to minimize their number.


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