Leather backpack BRIALDI Scorpion (Scorpion)

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If in most cases Brialdi creates classic or even retro-style accessories, this time we have a truly futuristic model. We offer you a streamlined minimalistic Scorpion backpack, which is made in such a way that it does not hinder your movements at all. This backpack is suitable for both short trips and, for example, for riding a motorcycle.

We can see that the Brialdi craftsmen’s flight of design ideas is as unstoppable as ever, and their impeccable skills in tailoring prestigious leather accessories remain so. Scorpion is made of the highest grade leather, which significantly increases the resistance of the product to weather and mechanical stress, and its unique texture gives the backpack a stylish and original look.

This backpack will be a real find for those who are tired of carrying bags in their hands or endless fuss with other uncomfortable backpacks. The design of Scorpion is such that it will never cramp you, even when loaded to the maximum. Comfortable, adjustable leather straps and a streamlined shape contribute to this. It is interesting to note that you can only get to the contents of the backpack by removing it, because the zipper to the main compartment is located on the inside of the accessory. Whatever you carry in this backpack, know that your luggage will always be safe.

The final item on the list of pros will be the amazing capacity of this outstanding backpack. It can fit a laptop up to 13 inches in size, a lot of medium-sized items such as books or clothes, as well as a whole pile of important documents, for which there is a separate zippered pocket.

Touch this masterpiece and you will never want to part with it. This is perhaps the most modern and one of the most stylish creations of Brialdi. Scorpion is not just a backpack with a cool name, it is also the embodiment of a balance between comfort, ergonomics and elegance.


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