Leather backpack-transformer BRIALDI Joker (Joker)

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Fans of card games know for sure how important and powerful the joker card is. It can be played and beat any other card. The Joker backpack, made by Brialdi craftsmen, has approximately the same feature. This backpack will become the strongest trump card of your wardrobe, eclipsing all others with its original design ideas and clarity of form.

It is hard not to notice the main feature of this backpack — the ability to transform into a completely different model, and thus complement any style of clothing that you have chosen today. To do this, you just need to turn the backpack on the other side and easily transfer the straps. A couple of easy moves and voila! — a completely different backpack is at your service.

It is worth noting that the saddlery and saddle leather on both sides of the backpack is of the same quality, although it is sewn in several different ways. On one side there is a smooth surface, but on the other side there is a surprise for lovers of geometric shapes. The surface of the backpack is covered with neat stitches that create stylish rhombuses in their intersections. A difficult choice awaits you — which side to choose!

The overall functionality of the backpack also cannot but rejoice, because it is spacious enough that it can simultaneously accommodate a 15-inch laptop and a tablet up to 10 inches. In addition to compartments for electronics, there is a zippered pocket for your documents. On top of that, there are small zippered pockets on the outside for small items and trinkets.

I must say that Joker cannot but surprise even the most sophisticated lover of leather accessories. This versatile backpack is suitable for different styles of clothing and for different genders, which elevates it to the rank of «must have» in the eyes of true connoisseurs. And the fact that it is sewn by hand by true professionals in their field will plunge the most serious skeptic into ecstasy.


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