Leather shoulder bag BRIALDI Dallas (Dallas)

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The classic style of clothing is out of fashion and time. This style is applicable always and everywhere: business meetings, social events, office work, Oscar awards and so on. Picking up accessories for your business style is quite simple. They should be discreet, but stylish, restrained, but not too conservative. Such an accessory for you can be the Dallas bag, which is presented to us by the masters of the Brialdi company, known throughout the world.

Not only the discreet style will make the Dallas bag your faithful assistant, because it also has a number of positive qualities. First of all, it is worth noting its exceptional mobility and low weight. Such a compact bag will never become a burden to you, no matter where you are. And with the help of an anatomical shoulder strap, carrying the bag will never seem burdensome to you.

It is also impossible not to emphasize the wonderful material, carefully crafted by Brialdi craftsmen for sewing this bag. Great Nappa is remarkable not only for its prestige, but also for its amazing water and heat resistance, the matte reflections of which magically attract the eye. You will not notice a poor quality stitch or a loose piece on a Dallas bag — it is made with impeccable professionalism.

In terms of functionality, this bag is perfect for a business man who does not carry anything with him except the most necessary things. It will hold A4 business papers, your iPad or laptop up to 10 inches diagonally, as well as stationery. A fabric lining with a protective Silktouch coating will protect your belongings from scratches and scuffs.

Agree, in an everyday noisy city, a big bag is useless. You need a concise and mobile accessory that is ready to accompany you everywhere. Take Dallas with you and it will subtly emphasize your style, and the quality of the leather from which it is made will speak of you as a person who knows a lot about good things.


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