Leather shoulder bag BRIALDI Killeen (Killeen)

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In the age of high technology, when the lion’s share of the gadgets necessary for everyday life can fit in a small smartphone, the problem of saving space occupied by personal belongings when traveling is acute. “Discard the superfluous, leaving only the most important” — this is the slogan that Brialdi designers took as a basis, drawing inspiration from Apple products as an example of simplicity and practicality. As a result of hard work, they presented to the buyer’s judgment their new masterpiece — the Killeen bag.

The shape of the Killeen bag from Brialdi fully corresponds to its content. The only large compartment is designed specifically for the dimensions of today’s most common laptop — 13 inches. Only the most necessary things for a modern person will fit in Killeen — a 13 ”laptop, charger, smartphone, a couple of A4 documents, a wallet and a notepad.

Brialdi designers can be compared to the highest quality design engineers, so seriously and responsibly they approach the creation of their bags at all levels of its creation. The accessory is simple and therefore ingenious: its main feature is that the bag should be worn obliquely diagonally, access to items in the bag will be from the inside, so only you will control access to it. Thick lining combined with high-quality leather will create additional protection for your laptop. The felt shoulder strap is simple and comfortable to use.

It remains to be noted that the Killeen bag from Brialdi, whatever one may say, is a very stylish and elegant accessory that will distinguish its owner from the background of even the most ardent fashionistas, and its modest dimensions will allow you to move more mobile. Why bother carrying unnecessary gadgets? It’s time to drop everything superfluous and live light!


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