Leather shoulder bag BRIALDI Liguria (Liguria)

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Liguria is one of the smallest and at the same time the most beautiful regions of Italy. A bag from Brialdi with the same name contains the same advantages — small and beautiful. The model is strict in appearance, but with closer communication it conquers with its style, comfort and compactness. If you carry a lot of papers and at the same time do not want to use overall briefcases, then this bag is clearly for you.

Inside the bag there are three compartments that have slots for a phone, pens / pencils, and other small accessories. There is a secret pocket in which you can put the most valuable things. Being empty, the bag does not lose its shape.

The whole bag is made of saddle leather. This high-quality, high-thickness leather is characterized by extreme durability and quality. In its manufacture, only whole skins are used, so the material cannot be reproached for a single flaw and error. Despite the thickness, the skin is very soft, supple and pleasant to the touch.

Thanks to its size, you can carry a 13” laptop or tablet. The main compartment closes securely with a zipper. The product is very neat and compact, but this does not prevent it from accommodating many different things. For convenience, a strong shoulder strap is placed on the outside at the back, which allows you to carry the bag over your shoulder.

An important detail of the bag is the «Handcrafted» tag (made by hand), which for the buyer first of all means — first-class and outstanding. Liguria looks chic, but not pretentious. In addition, it has a rich rich color and an interesting design — this is something that you can especially like it.

The impeccable work of the masters will definitely appeal to even the most picky buyer. You will like absolutely everything in it: original design, spaciousness, neat seams, thick lining and decent price. They say these things are “all in one”, and if you want amazing functionality and impeccable style, you have found what you were looking for.


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