Leather shoulder bag BRIALDI Nevada (Nevada)

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Brialdi designers present to the buyer’s judgment a bag inspired by Nevada: its endless dusty highways stretching far beyond the horizon; endless deserts teeming with all kinds of small living creatures; vultures soaring proudly above the ground. Brialdi’s skilled designers managed to create a real men’s bag, from which it bursts with testosterone. Let’s look at it in more detail.

The abundance of sharp straight lines, rather rough (but without busting) fittings, open rivets on the strap, stylish buckle on the shoulder strap give the Nevada bag a special, unique look. The bag is perfect for men who prefer to dress in casual style. The accessory is very compact and will be of particular value for people who prefer to take only the most necessary things with them.

Let’s take a look inside the bag and make sure that, despite its modest size, Nevada has a decent capacity. The bag is a so-called “sandwich”, where there is a section between two compartments where you can freely place an iPad mini or a netbook up to 8 inches. There is a compartment on the front and back where you can put a smartphone, wallet, notepad, keys and many other useful little things. By unfastening the two flaps on the sides, you can, if necessary, slightly increase the volume of the bag.

It remains to reveal only one question, is the Brialdi Nevada bag reliable enough, how long will it last? Let’s start with the most important thing, namely the skin. The accessory is made of high quality grade — Great Nappa, which has the highest resistance to all kinds of mechanical and natural damaging factors. Each rivet, handle, fittings, and nylon zipper are additionally reinforced from the inside. There is no doubt that Nevada will serve long and reliably for the benefit of the owner.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the Nevada bag is an excellent choice not only for a connoisseur of American style in fashion, but also for a connoisseur of practicality and reliability.


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