Leather shoulder bag BRIALDI Pigna (Pigna)

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We live in an era of rapidly developing technologies, during which it is necessary to constantly keep abreast of time in order not to get lost in this frantic pace. Some ten years ago, we could not even imagine that our daily life would be so tightly connected with electronic gadgets. It is for such people who cannot imagine their life without a tablet and smartphone, but do not want to bother themselves with carrying unnecessary things, Brialdi created the Pigna bag. I suggest you take a closer look.

The Pigna bag is perfect for people who like to travel light. The inner pocket will perfectly fit a tablet or netbook up to 11 inches, as well as A4 documents. The outer pocket is great for holding essentials such as a notepad, keys, wallet and more. This compartment can also perfectly replace the wallet. There is a secret compartment where you can hide your passport and other important documents.

The Brialdi designers put all their talent into making the Pigna bag look as stylish and elegant as possible. Convenient tablet shape, smoothness and smoothness of lines will please even the most sophisticated connoisseur of high style. The shoulder strap made of leather will tightly fit the shoulder, effectively emphasizing the overall look of the bag, while not causing the slightest discomfort. The decoration of the accessory fits perfectly into the overall style, perfectly complementing the ensemble.

Assembled from high-quality materials by true masters of their craft, the Brialdi Pigna bag will fit perfectly into the wardrobe of a zealous fashionista, as well as a connoisseur of practicality and reliability. Throw away everything superfluous, take with you only the most important and do not forget the quality and style that Brialdi provides you.


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