Leather shoulder bag BRIALDI Turin (Turin)

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You no longer have to wonder which bag to choose so that it is both comfortable and roomy, in line with fashion trends and pleasing to the eye. Brialdi gives the world a new model — the collected and representative Turin. This bag will satisfy absolutely all the requirements of a modern business person.

Since we are talking about business people, it is worth noting the appearance of the Turin bag. This bag is not intended for attending parties and picnics. But at business meetings and official speeches, Turin feels like a fish in water. A rather discreet design, high-quality material, shiny metal parts — everything will work for the owner, as for a respectable businessman. Such a bag will provide a spectacular appearance and will never let you down.

By the way, speaking of high-quality material, we must not forget that Turin, like all other bags from Brialdi, is hand-sewn. The craftsmen of this firm make every effort to ensure the solid appearance of their clients. In production, only the best grades of leather are used, and all parts are made in good faith, which significantly increases their service life.

To fully appreciate all the advantages of this bag, it remains only to open the flap, which hides the main compartment underneath. It opens up a spacious compartment, divided in two. One of the parts is designed to carry a tablet or laptop with a diagonal of 14 inches, the second for smaller things: A4 papers, documents, personal items like keys or a phone. On the back, there is a pocket with an organizer for stationery. In general, the functionality of Turin allows you to take with you the minimum necessary for successful work.

In conclusion, I would only like to add that Brialdi always meets the expectations of its customers. This is a reliable and proven brand that produces exceptionally high-quality and fashionable products. Filling up your wardrobe with Brialdi things is a pleasure!


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