McKinnon x Nomatic: travel and photograph light

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The challenge for photo-hunting adventurers around the world is to find the best way to organize your photo gear, clothing, and other items with the least amount of luggage. It is difficult to find a systematic and effective approach to putting all the necessary accessories in one backpack. An extra suitcase reduces the level of mobility on weekend trips or day trips out of town. One shoulder bag is convenient, practical and light.

For six months, the Nomatic brand team, together with the famous YouTube blogger Peter McKinnon, has been creating just such an accessory for photo travel. And now this backpack and additional functional accessories can be purchased from us. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Backpacks designed for transporting photographic equipment are quite heavy and bulky due to the massive and durable materials designed to protect the equipment. The Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack weighs 2.6 kg — an accessory heavier than the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L — a similar photo backpack — 0.6 kg. But, unlike the Peak Design product, the Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack includes many additional features, provides more storage (42L) and provides separate space for clothes.

All photographic equipment and related necessary devices (for example, a laptop or tablet) require high-quality protection — in the Camera Pack, the safety of accessories is ensured by both internal and external elements. Compression straps, a mesh space equipped with solid partitions, close-fitting compartments and zippered pockets are protective features that are included in the main accessory space.

As for the outer part, the backpack is made of TPU, which is a heavy-duty and water-resistant material endowed with a high level of wear resistance. The façade of the accessory has a smooth and matte texture that is pleasant to work with, and which blends seamlessly with the overall quality of the product. Reversible YKK weatherproof zippers ensure your camera and clothes stay dry in inclement weather.

If you are a supporter of the idea «every item should be in its place»then you will be pleasantly surprised by the backpack. The outer and inner parts of the accessory include many pockets. The interior space is an organizer for a huge number of small items. On the front of the backpack, you can see a zippered pocket protected from RFID fraud.

An inconspicuous, but very important feature for traveling — carrying handles are located around the entire perimeter of the accessory. This detail allows you to easily remove the backpack from the luggage rack, regardless of its position. And this feature confirms the manufacturer’s great attention to detail — a trifle, but nice.

Why is this backpack convenient for photographers?

The compartment located behind the back is designed for photographic equipment. This is a voluminous cavity that can be easily filled with several cameras and lenses, a quadcopter and a remote control for it — all the necessary elements of a large photo shoot. In addition, each component will be in its own cell thanks to adaptive separators. They act as partitions, and with the help of them you configure the interior space in the way that suits you. The lid of this compartment consists of a cascade of mesh pockets for a variety of related accessories. Behind the pockets is a Velcro compartment for a tablet. There’s also room for a laptop – an external zippered compartment tucked away on the back side holds a 15-inch device.

Why is this backpack travel-friendly?

The inner compartment, located closer to the front, is designed for clothes. Similar in depth and opening style to a classic suitcase, this compartment holds a lot of clothes. Whether you’re away for two days or an entire week, the Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack has the elements you need to organize a lot of things. Compression straps reduce bulk, while mesh pockets keep small items organized. If you don’t have enough space, then you can unzip the central zipper, providing yourself with an additional 7 liters of volume. This will not negatively affect the overall contours of the backpack — after activating the auxiliary space, the design of the backpack will remain neat.

The function of quick access to photographic equipment is one of the most important for photographers. To capture a good shot, you need to be prepared to quickly take out your camera and take a picture. The zipper on the side allows direct access to the photo bay, eliminating the need to remove the backpack and open it all the way to find the camera.

Side pockets provide an opportunity for external fastening of some items. If you have a tripod, these compartments will come in handy. The head of the tripod can be attached to the body of the backpack using the included straps. Since the pockets are equipped with magnetic closures, when you are not using them, they return to their original position, maintaining the minimalistic contours of the backpack.

Nomatic cube pack: 2 in 1

This is both a travel bag and a backpack at the same time. The basis of the accessory is a compartment for photographic equipment, equipped with removable dividers that allow you to format the space according to your personal needs.

Being a travel bag, it fits perfectly into the photo compartment of the Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack. It can be used as a case for a separate type of equipment, for example, a quadcopter kit.

As a backpack, the Nomatic Cube Pack lets you carry only the essentials and eliminates the hassle of lugging heavy luggage with you to your shoot. By unzipping the top and taking out an additional compartment, you can easily go for the best photos. Thus, the lower part will act as a durable case for photographic equipment, and the upper one — space for other accessories — jackets or water bottles.

In fact, the Nomatic Cube Pack is a separate cell for photographic equipment, which, at the right time, can be reformatted into an autonomous backpack. Having such an accessory at hand, you can always facilitate the process of filming.

Nomatic Accessory Case: case for little things

The Nomatic Accessory Case is a secure case for photographic accessories, consisting of one main compartment that can be formatted with dividers. The accessory can act as a separate space for the action camera and its components. The travel bag has a durable EVA foam shell that creates a skeleton that will protect the contents from mechanical damage.

The Nomatic Camera Pack is a backpack designed to provide a customized solution for traveling photographers. Dedicated photo gear space with adaptive dividers and a clothing compartment fit the main challenge of traveling for photography with one backpack on your back. And optional accessories like the Nomatic Cube Pack and Nomatic Accessory Case create an inclusive photo shoot that will definitely make you rethink the traditional approach to preparing for a photo trip.


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