Men’s clutch BRIALDI Colorado (Colorado)

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Although the clutch bag is often considered to be a piece of women’s wardrobe, in which you can put vital cosmetics and a mobile phone, it can also become part of the male image. And, indeed, it is enough to imagine how an expensive watch worn on a strong wrist gleams in unison with the metal clasps of a clutch, how you immediately want to buy it. Number one in the list of such clutches is the Colorado from the world famous brand BRIALDI.

Regarding this accessory, the following questions may arise, to which it is simply necessary to give detailed answers.

How is the Colorado clutch fundamentally different from the clutches of other companies?

The main difference between this prestigious item and others lies in the unique approach to its tailoring. Handcrafted by craftsmen, combined with premium Nappa Premium leather, the result is unimaginably positive. Such a clutch immediately qualitatively stands out from the background of others with its prestige and exceptional quality.

How functional is the Colorado?

Limiting for its own dimensions. The Colorado Clutch is able to not only hold the necessary little things like keys, mobile phone and wallet, but also intelligently and conveniently distribute them. Inside, Colorado pleases with an abundance of compartments (closed and open), thanks to which all things will always be in perfect order. There are also a pair of zippered pockets on the outside of the flap that can hold items that need immediate access.

What style of clothing will suit this clutch?

First of all, BRIALDI COLORADO BLACK is, of course, a secular lion. It is downright created for meetings and receptions. The contrast created by white threads and black glossy leather will successfully emphasize the strengths of your appearance, and skillfully hide the weaknesses (if any). But Colorado could not be called universal if it was not suitable for casual style, because high-quality leather has always impressed jeans and polo.

Having received answers to all possible questions, there is no doubt that the Colorado clutch from BRIALDI is a real find for a man who likes to look stylish and spectacular.


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