Men’s clutch BRIALDI Columbus (Columbus)

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The Columbus clutch is perfect for those who always strive to have everything they need at hand, and large bags and briefcases are not breathtaking. A clutch is an ideal choice for a motorist who, when leaving the car, does not want to leave the most expensive and important items inside. The Columbus clutch is modesty, style and quality from Brialdi professionals, inspired by the long tradition of Florentine tailoring of expensive leather accessories.

This small but spectacular accessory will emphasize your desire for movement and energy, as well as refined taste and craving for beauty. The wonderful leather that served as the material for this clutch is a real work of leather art. Without a single defect and roughness, the textured Great Nappa leather is superior in quality to any other. A small strap securely fastened to the side of the clutch allows you to carry it comfortably.

The Columbus clutch is tiny, so it’s pointless to hope that it will fit an iPad. This is an accessory for small everyday things. Its many pockets and compartments will fit keys, a mobile phone, a wallet, some stationery, a couple of business cards and that’s it. In addition to the prestigious grade of leather, Columbus also boasts a high-quality finish and fastening of every detail. Thanks to reliable metal zippers in Arctic White and a reliable strap hook, the contents of the clutch will always be safe and sound.

So, the clutch, whose name is associated with the name of the discoverer of the New World, really surprises with its functionality with such a modest size and pleases the eye with an elegant and solid appearance. Columbus is one of those things that will always be at hand, ready to provide all the necessary things for use.


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