Men’s clutch BRIALDI Connecticut (Connecticut)

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A designer once said: “Style is the ability to say who you are without saying a word.” It is extremely important for a man, especially a businesslike and enterprising one, to properly build his image in front of others. A spectacular appearance will certainly help in establishing business contacts, as well as personal acquaintances. It is for these men, for whom the words «style» and «fashion» are not an empty phrase, Brialdi has released the Connecticut men’s clutch.

A compact but elegant model is perfect for those men who are not accustomed to burdening themselves with unnecessary things and things and will perfectly fit into a strict classic wardrobe. The minimalist design, sustained in strict straight lines, will attract the attention of others.

What do we see when we look inside the Connecticut clutch? Two wide and capacious compartments for documents, cash and other necessary trifles, as well as one compartment that closes with a zipper. On the inside of the flap there are four compartments for credit and plastic cards.

The Connecticut Clutch is crafted by Brialdi craftsmen from high quality Nappa Premium genuine leather. This grade has established itself as a heavy-duty, adequately preserved even in the most severe operating conditions. It is also nice that Nappa Premium does not require special care techniques. Neat and elegant stitching enhances the look of the clutch. A metal zipper in Arctic White color, successfully contrasting with the accessory, organically completes the overall ensemble.

Stylish and practical, the Connecticut Clutch is perfect for the tasteful man who cares about how others see them. The quality and reliability that Brialdi guarantees will allow the accessory to faithfully serve for many years for the benefit of the owner.


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