Men’s clutch BRIALDI Mobile (Mobile)

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The great British writer and poet, Sir Walter Scott said: «Time and tide never wait.» The classic from foggy Albion was right — it is necessary to manage your own time as economically as possible, saving every minute. Especially in our age, when the question “How to do everything in time?” Is so acute. Especially for those people for whom it is vital to be in time always and everywhere, the Brialdi company has released a men’s clutch Mobile. It will be much more convenient to keep your finger on the pulse of life with it.

Brialdi designers once again did their best: the elegant and laconic design of the Mobile clutch will please everyone, without exception, both connoisseurs of convenience and practicality, and sophisticated style followers. The accessory will fit equally well into a strict classic and everyday «casual» wardrobe.

Inside the clutch, on the sides, there are two capacious pockets, where documents, a smartphone, a notebook, cash and many other necessary little things of everyday life will perfectly fit. There is a compartment for credit and plastic cards, as well as a compartment with a zipper and a transparent pocket. On the outside of the Mobile clutch there is one side pocket, convenient and practical.

Brialdi Mobile is made from start to finish by the hands of true masters of their craft, from high-quality genuine leather. This material is one of the best of its kind and has high thermal, water and wear resistance. Each handle and rivet is additionally reinforced from the inside in order to last for the benefit of the owner as long as possible. A high-quality leather belt comfortably fits the shoulder, and a metal zipper harmonizes nicely with the overall ensemble.

Do not waste time, appreciate every moment, because it will never return. Make your life easier by decluttering it, and Brialdi will help you with its high quality and reliable products.


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