Men’s clutch BRIALDI Texas (Texas)

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It’s time to get out of the closet old, worn boots with spurs, a cowboy felt hat. Also, do not forget about the whip and lasso, because we are going to the very Wild West, to the homeland of cowboys, to a harsh state where dust storms rage and coyotes roam the wastelands. To the region glorified by westerns, whose land is fertile, and its bowels are extremely rich in oil. The «Lone Star State» is the nickname given to Texas, after which Brialdi named its men’s clutch.

This model perfectly combines a compact form with volumetric capacity, Texas is specially designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Cool minimalist design will appeal to real men who are not used to excessive details. The accessory will easily enter the wardrobe of people who prefer both the classic style of clothing and casual.

The material from which the clutch is made is represented by high-quality natural Nappa Premium leather. This grade has proven itself even in the most severe operating conditions. But not only the leather of excellent quality, every material involved in the manufacture of the bag is at the highest level: accessories made of strong and reliable satin metal; Contrasting color lining goes well with the overall look of the bag; the lining is made of noble suede fabric.

Looking inside, we will find three open-type compartments and two zippered ones. On the front side, under the flap, there is a convenient zippered pocket.

Let me summarize all of the above: the Texas clutch, having an incomparable spirit of the Wild West, will be a godsend for any real man and will become his faithful and reliable companion for many years to come.


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