Men’s clutch BRIALDI Vancouver (Vancouver)

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What says about the appearance of a man in the first place? Firstly, the woman standing next to him, that is, his support and support. Next comes the cleanliness of his shoes and the cost of his wristwatch. These are the three most important factors by which the success and representativeness of any man is determined offhand. And if we are talking about accessories such as watches, one should not lose sight of such an important accessory as a men’s clutch, because here a man keeps all the most valuable that belongs to him. Let’s take a look there and find out what it is.

An extremely good choice in terms of hand luggage for the stronger sex would be the Vancouver clutch from Brialdi. There are three reasons for this:

· Vancouver is a very fashionable accessory that will make a positive impression on today’s skeptical public.

Also, this clutch is an example of quality and craftsmanship, on the development and tailoring of which a lot of effort was put.

· And finally, Vancouver is an unusually ergonomic and mobile thing, you can take it anywhere without restricting yourself in movement.

It is worth dwelling on each of these points in more detail, because the devil lives in the details.

Vancouver’s exterior is a most pleasing sight. The elegance of lines, stitches and details create a truly thoughtful and successful composition. The contrast of black and white colors will emphasize the business style of the owner of the clutch, and the unique texture of first-class Nappa Premium leather will double this effect.

Speaking of the leather this clutch is made from, Brialdi is one of the most talented and productive leather craftsmen out there. Any accessory they give to the world is a small work of art.

The dimensions of the clutch are small, but they still allow you to fit everything you need: a mobile phone, car keys, wallets and other little things. Vancouver is great for those who live light.

Forget about bulky briefcases and bags! In an era of increasing pace of life, one should not burden oneself with heavy things. The Vancouver clutch is the best choice — style and ergonomics in one accessory.


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