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Fashion historian Milana Abieva spoke about the main trends in men’s fashion for the upcoming summer especially for the online magazine «Verfi».

Very soon, the warmest, brightest and long-awaited season will come into its own. «Are you ready to welcome summer?» — we ask our readers, representing the strong half of humanity. Regardless of your answer, our article will help you get acquainted with the main trends in men’s fashion this coming summer and figure out how to make your looks stylish and comfortable.


Bombers do not lose their positions, and are still among the most current trends. The bomber penetrated the civilian wardrobe from the military uniforms of US pilots. As is often the case in fashion, it was not without the influence of cinema.

Men's looks for summer 2021
Men's looks for summer 2021

The first wave of interest in the pilot’s jacket arose after the appearance of Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen in it. The real “boom” for bomber jackets began after the release of the cult film “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise in the title role.

Today, bomber jackets are again at the peak of popularity, and there are a lot of variations on their theme — from brutal leather styles to laconic and elegant models made of delicate suede and even linen. A discreet bomber jacket will perfectly complement both smart-casual looks and more “relaxed” weekend looks.

It is important that the bomber will save you from unpleasant weather surprises so inherent in our climate zone. I offer you several options for looks with a bomber jacket — from ultra-sporty to discreet and elegant. Well, if you want to add a little extravagance to your outfit, I recommend supplementing it with an eight-piece cap, as David Beckham did.

Men's looks for summer 2021

Linen shirts

A linen shirt has been an essential part of a man’s summer wardrobe for many years. A real magic wand is not all occasions — such a shirt will be appropriate both in the city and at the resort.

Men's looks for summer 2021

Pair a linen shirt with cotton chinos, a dainty leather belt and loafers for an elegant casual look. If the weather still pleases with warmth and sun, and you decide to go on a summer boat trip, but give preference to the current Bermuda shorts, combining them with white sneakers.

Men's looks for summer 2021

neon sneakers

I recommend especially brave fashionistas to take note of the trend for neon colors, which sounded in the collections of all progressive fashion houses, including such as Hermès and Louis Vuitton. However, do not forget that one color accent is enough: neon sneakers are quite suitable for creating a trendy, but not too outrageous look.

It is important to wear such sneakers mainly with monochrome outfits, making a choice in favor of a laconic cut. The alternative is to style them with a win-win combination of blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

Men's looks for summer 2021


Men's looks for summer 2021

The oversized trend is still with us this season. And this means that we can still afford to enjoy the combination of comfort and unsurpassed style.

This time I recommend you opt for an oversized blazer. This blazer will not only keep you warm on a cool summer evening, but will also allow you to create a stylish look. The minimalist approach remains on trend, so you can freely use the most basic pieces of clothing.

Safari jacket

Men's looks for summer 2021

Elegant, functional and stylish, the safari jacket is at the peak of its popularity this season. However, this is not a literal reproduction of the cult image of 007, but a freer interpretation that organically fits into the realities of our time and lifestyle.

This season you will find a safari-style jacket both in the collection of famous designers and in the mass market. The color palette is very diverse and will certainly allow you to choose the shade that suits you. It ranges from cream and olive tones to camel hair and even deep blue.

Style this jacket with white cotton trousers and suede loafers. This combination will allow you to enjoy a truly summer and elegant look.

Men's looks for summer 2021


For a worthy completion of any of the proposed images, the main thing is not to miscalculate with the right accessories. If you plan to actively move around the city, having time to work during breaks with a cup of coffee, then you should opt for a compact travel bag or an elegant backpack.

A safari jacket and an oversized jacket will perfectly complement the backpack, which is still in trend this season. If you opt for a laconic leather model, you definitely won’t go wrong — such a backpack will perfectly complement both office looks and more relaxed elegant sets. A travel bag is perfect for lovers of more sporty looks.

Men's looks for summer 2021

Try to complement a monochrome look with an accent on neon sneakers with a plain roomy travel bag, and you are guaranteed a sporty chic look. For those who like to travel light, the good news is that waist bags are still at the peak of their popularity. It is better to wear such a bag over your shoulder. And it is combined with literally all summer looks: from a linen shirt «for release» to a bomber jacket.


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