Neat and thin wallet: 5 steps to perfection

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1. Buy a thinner wallet.

As silly as it sounds, yes, before you make your wallet thin and neat, you need to get one. Initially, a thick wallet will not become thin, no matter how many things you put out of there. If you suddenly do not have a thin wallet, this is absolutely not a problem, since we have a lot of them and for every taste.

For example, wallets Bellroy or Dun initially position themselves as super-thin wallets, even if they are filled with cards and banknotes. The following steps helped manufacturers achieve this result:

— extra pockets, compartments, seams and straps have been removed;

— for cards of everyday use, special slots for quick access are made, while for cards used less often, places are allocated that do not take up much space in the wallet;

— the skin has become thinner, but this does not negate its high quality.

In addition to super-thin wallets, there are so-called card holders, designed specifically for bank cards only, and phone cases with a compartment for bank cards. The best choice for people who absolutely do not use cash.

DUN Wallet Black/Gold DUN RFID Black DUN Fold Black

2. Get rid of unnecessary things.

-Sometimes people keep things in their wallets that they don’t need at all, for example, a check from a restaurant or a movie ticket, they forget to throw it away initially, and then such rubbish is stored in their wallets for many years. The wallet is primarily for finances, not for photos, checks, tickets or receipts!

— Laying out cards in a wallet is a delicate matter. In «quick access slots» (slots on the front of the wallet in an open form), put only those cards that are really used every day. These can be a bank card, a driver’s license or a ticket for public transport. Cards that are used less often are better to put in the slots located in the inside of the wallet: it will be difficult for strangers to get them, and they will not interfere with you when using the wallet. Cards that are not used at all should be put out of your wallet and put in a conspicuous place at home so that they can be found and used at the right time.

— The time has come when cash fades into the background, and «cashless» takes their place. Following modern realities, get rid of iron money and, if possible, paper money, although a few banknotes in your wallet will not hurt. In any case, they will not make the wallet huge! But a trifle really «inflates» the wallet, makes it bulky and sloppy. The piggy bank is the best place for small change.

3. Take advantage of your gadget.

All kinds of banking services online, with which you can pay for the purchase without even taking out the card. Just put your phone on the ATM and the payment will be successful! With such capabilities, the question arises: «Why do you need a wallet at all?» The answer is simple: the card must be at hand, since charging on the phone does not last forever!

4. Have a double wallet.

If you need to always carry a huge amount of cards and documents, do yourself a favor and get an extra wallet for traveling light, during which you will not need a lot of documents and cards. The best option is a case with a compartment for money and cards or Bellroy Carry Out Wallet, which includes a purse and a small wallet just for such «easy» outings.

5. Content.

Go through your wallet at the end of each working day and clear out unnecessary things if necessary!

Now that you’ve done all of the above, you can see the difference and make sure there’s a clear difference between a thin wallet and a thick wallet! A thin and neat wallet is better, isn’t it?


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