Nomatic Travel Pack Review

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What is the advantage of a backpack having a strong frame and a soft shell? In recent years, the number of such accessories has been growing compared to backpacks made of soft fabric and not having a rigid structure. Having taken the Nomatic backpack on our last trip to Asia, we were looking forward to a very pleasant experience from using it. And so it happened — we were satisfied with the accessory.

Well built EDC— an accessory that looks like a shark

From the outset, backpacks have a futuristic sleekness with a strong frame and soft shell. The Nomatic has strict and rigid contours, and although it is made of fabric, it looks more like a suitcase than a backpack.

The «shell» is made of waterproof material, smooth and without «pores». This material is Tarpaulin, and it is commonly used in the manufacture of awnings, awnings, etc. The texture is a bit like shark skin, which is smooth and durable.

In fact, the outer part is made from two types of fabric. The second type, which is denser in structure, covers the base of the backpack and the side pockets — that is, those areas that are more prone to wear and tear due to their location.

Backpack design, locker functionality

The rectangular build of the Nomatic pack keeps it firmly on its feet. That is, you do not need to look for a wall or a table leg to lean on an accessory.

This feature gives the backpack many advantages: Nomatic does not fall, which means that most of its surface is untouched by dirt or dust. It also reduces the chance of someone accidentally stepping on your bag. And, perhaps, the most important plus is that the backpack will look like a portable locker in which everything lies on its shelf.

A little about the shelves. Each compartment of the backpack is designed in such a way that it opens easily and is accessible and accessible in any situation. For example, the front pocket opens 45 degrees, while the main compartment opens 90 degrees. At the same time, the laptop compartment assumes a horizontal position, while the document compartment remains vertical.

The main compartment is convenient in that it can accommodate fairly voluminous things, while maintaining the accuracy of the backpack. In addition, it has very convenient additions in the form of a glasses case or a stretch pocket where you can store small accessories on the go.

Convertible suitcase

The rectangular shape is especially convincing when you need to take a couple of things with you, and you don’t really want to take a suitcase for them. At the same time, Nomatic is not only a backpack, but also a bag.

We are familiar with many ways to hide the back straps to turn a backpack into a bag, but I must say that the Nomatic execution is one of the best. The straps do not need to be detached, making them durable as they are securely sewn to the backpack. Instead, the back has two butterfly-like compartments that can be opened to stow away the straps. Since the Nomatic backpack doesn’t have any other straps, when you hide the straps, you get a neat rectangular suitcase.

Nomatic can be carried in three different ways: with shoulder straps (i.e. like a backpack), top or side handles (i.e. like a bag). The symmetrical side handles are aesthetically pleasing and, as we’ve found, useful when you miss your plane. No need to think about which side of the pen is more convenient — like USB-C or Lightning port, which can be inserted into the phone in any way, unlike the old USB ports.

Expansion without clutter

The ability to expand is nothing new in today’s backpacks, but in order for this feature to work well, manufacturers add tension straps, which are, in fact, uncomfortable and sloppy. The Nomatic Travel Pack does this with its tough, soft-shell construction: the extra liters are another zippered compartment that expands when opened. It’s simple — you unzip the zipper, and the accessory becomes 33% larger.

At the same time, an additional compartment that appears when one zipper is unfastened opens differently, like a double-leaf suitcase (that is, horizontally). Conventionally, this compartment can become a storage for a separate type of thing (underwear, for example).

To whom useful Nomatic Travel Pack?

If you like neat, strict design backpacks, devoid of external decor elements, the Nomatic Travel Pack is made for you. This backpack is one of the market leaders in terms of how much attention the brand has put into the versatility and flexibility of the accessory. In addition, it is made of waterproof and durable material that will protect your accessories. So why not invest in a backpack that will last you for a long time?


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