Noteworthy Release: Bags and Backpacks by Bellroy

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Backpacks for every day.

At first glance, it seems that the Slim and Classic backpacks are the most simple and ordinary, without anything outstanding in their design. But «digging deeper», you realize that Bellroy really worked on backpacks.

The 17-liter Classic Backpack has a seemingly ordinary back that actually hugs your back when in use and evenly distributes the load without leaving the brunt of the weight in your lower back. It is also worth adding about the laptop compartment, which will not allow the gadget to beat against the back. And about the material from which the backpack is made — it is waterproof and very durable.

Ideal for daily use or travel. And awesome for those who want to save money.

As for the Slim Backpack, it is generally Bag&Wallet’s «favorite». Combining functionality and design with a 16 liter volume and waterproof material — what could be better?

Flexible angled shoulder straps provide comfort and convenience, and the load is distributed evenly across the entire back. Also very easy to use: leather clasp that closes and opens in one motion.

Holds a laptop up to 15″ with separate pocket. In general, there are compartments for every thing that you want to take with you. Whether it’s glasses or headphones — there is a pocket for both!

Especially convenient in the city!

Business bags.

It should be said right away that Slim Work Tote (13L) and Slim Work Bag (11L) are not for those who carry «a million things» with them. This is for those who need a laptop, a pen and a notepad.

Both bags are extremely minimalistic, with no pretentiousness or eye-catching details. Slim Work Tote and Slim Work Bag are simple yet functional. Both bags have a pocket for a 15″ laptop, plenty of compartments for various accessories. On top of all this, the bag has a detachable shoulder strap that can be removed in an instant and you have a business briefcase in your hands.

Minimalists, these bags are for you!

Duo collection.

As the name suggests, the Duo Totepack and Duo Work Bag (both 15 L) are bags designed with two modes: in hand or on the shoulder, thin or extended, with friends or at work.

Among the entire collection, these are the best — in terms of strength and water resistance of the material. They are made of Cordura nylon, about the features of which you can read in another article (I must say right away that this is one of the most durable materials that does not let a drop of water through). And the fasteners and zippers are endowed with the Aquaguard function, which also guarantees complete protection against water ingress into the bag.

Most importantly, they expand when you need them, and with just one hand movement. Plus Duo also lies in the fact that there is a special compartment for the laptop, which will prevent the gadget from hanging around the bag.

If versatility is your thing, then these bags are for you!

This completes the review of the new Bellroy collection. Now it’s up to you to try out the Bellroy collection for yourself. You can do it in our shop!

Best regards, Bag&Wallet team!


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