Overview of accessories for keys from Orbitkey

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A couple of years ago, Orbitkey entered the market with the Orbitkey 2.0 key holder in two versions — Active and Leather. That release turned out to be successful — on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, the company raised 25 times more than the planned amount, and more than 10 thousand people around the world became interested in the product.

In 2018, Orbitkey returned with three new products at once, which again captivated the users of Kickstarter and Indiegogo (and on each platform the brand collected 1000% more than the originally planned amount). This is Orbitkey Ring, Orbit key clip and Orbit key Strap. Let’s talk about each product in more detail.

Orbitkey Ring is a key ring consisting of an inner polymer layer surrounded by stainless steel.

  • Diameter — 30 mm, thickness — 3.5 mm
  • Holds up to 10 keys

The main feature is a special mechanism that does not require much effort when attaching the keys to the accessory. It can be easily opened and closed with one movement of the hand, unlike the classic ring, opening which can break a nail. Orbitkey decided to ditch the old-fashioned and stubborn key accessory and create a convenient and simple Orbitkey Ring.

PS Unfortunately, we do not sell this product separately, but it is included in the Orbitkey Clip and Orbitkey Strap.

Orbit key clip — a reliable carabiner with a minimalistic and elegant leather loop and an Orbitkey Ring.

  • Length — 10.3 cm
  • Holds up to 10 keys

The basis of the accessory is a modern and durable carabiner that works like a clock. It can be attached anywhere — the strap of a backpack, the handle of a bag, the belt loop of jeans, etc. Thus, all the necessary keys (including the car) will always be at hand.

Orbit key Strap – Adjustable genuine leather strap with Orbikey Ring.

  • Length — 23.8 cm
  • Holds up to 10 keys

The peculiarity of the accessory is that it is compatible not only with keys. It can be used as a camera strap.

Each Orbitkey product is an independent element. But all the accessories together will create a system with which you can avoid the problem of a long search for the keys in the bag. For example, by connecting the Orbitkey Clip to the Orbitkey 2.0, you will never again have to think about where the keys to the house and the car are, since they will be collected in one place.

You can find similar accessories on the Internet, but they lack the most important thing — the combination of functionality and style that Orbitkey products have.

This is a new and modern approach to the organization and storage of keys.


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