Overview of the functional organizer for work — Bellroy Folio A5

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Do you have such days when you, like a “squirrel in a wheel”, dangle from business meetings without staying long in one place? For us, this is a common thing, so we need to have an accessory with an organized interior on hand. As a rule, there are a lot of things, but not enough to carry a bag or backpack with you. We’ve found the perfect accessory to hold and organize more of your gear than you might think. it Bellroy work Folio A5.


A laptop is an important accessory in modern life, but unfortunately the dimensions of the Work Folio A5 are not designed for this gadget. But the organizer fits timeless classics — a pen and a notepad, which you don’t have to worry about charging, unlike a laptop. But don’t forget the iPad Mini, which has a dedicated compartment in the Work Folio A5. By the way, there is also a pocket for the phone.

The outer part of the organizer is made of high-quality genuine leather, and its interior is made of wearable dark gray fabric. The peculiarity of the front material is that over time a “patina” appears, which over time gives the accessories a unique and elegant look (*patina is a natural process of “aging” of the material, expressed in a slight change in its color and the appearance of the smallest scuffs and cracks on it) . Manufacturers have not forgotten about the water resistance of the organizer — leather can save your belongings from a drizzle, but it cannot cope with a downpour.

The Work Folio A5’s zipper is strong and durable, while the leather pull tab on the slider accentuates the elegant look of the accessory. Like all Bellroy products, the organizer has minimal branding — on the front side there is a miniature Bellroyand the company logo is hidden in the lower corner of the interior.

Now let’s talk about the organization of the internal space. The right side has compartments for a notepad and an iPad Mini. By the way, the kit includes a small gift from Bellroy — a branded notebook; Unfortunately, there is no tablet from Apple. If you prefer to carry hardcover notebooks (moleskin) with you, then be prepared that they will take up a lot of space, and there will not be enough space for some accessories.

The center of the interior of the organizer is equipped with a small leather pen compartment. The left side includes 2 pockets for phone, earphones and a flat power bank and 2 slots for about 6 credit cards. At the same time, these compartments are cunningly hidden from prying eyes — only by folding back the leather part, we will see bank cards and gadgets. Also, there is an open compartment in which the passport and boarding pass will fit well.

Since its inception, the Bellroy brand has been creating accessories to help you organize the essentials you need throughout the day. The Work folio A5 is a prime example of this. Its thoughtful design allows you to store more than you originally expected, accommodating everything you need to work efficiently.

In the photos, the organizer seems quite large, but in fact, in the hands it feels like a smartphone. The Work Folio A5 is lightweight and minimalistic, keeping you on the go. Remember, when your things are in a mess, this is reflected in your performance.


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