Overview of the ideal accessory for work — Bellroy Folio A4

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It’s hard to remember a business meeting we went to without a Bellroy Work Folio A4 organizer handy. Modern work has become more mobile, it does not end in the office. These days, professionals regularly work from home in the evenings while having a daytime job, so they need to keep all the necessary items well organized.

Creating the perfect accessory for work is a difficult task. Either the backpack is too bulky, or the laptop compartment is not roomy enough. You need a lightweight and minimalist item that will keep you ready for any situation in life and keep your belongings safe and sound.

Bellroy has a long history of creating products that help you avoid clutter in your bag, backpack, purse, organizer. The Work Folio A4 is ideal for mobile professionals.

Having earned a reputation for creating functional accessories made from high-quality materials, Bellroy has continued its fine tradition with this organizer. It became clear when we first touched the Work Folio A4, which once again convinced us that the Australian brand produces chic products. It doesn’t matter what color you take the organizer (Black or Caramel) — each is made of genuine leather, which over time acquires a unique and elegant style. The material is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of things during a light rain (PS You should not expect the same effect during a downpour). The front of the Work Folio A4 doesn’t include any flashy branding, just the Bellroy name on the bottom of the organizer, complete with neat piping and a sturdy YKK zip with a minimal pull tab.

Versatility is the main feature of the accessory. Bellroy pursued the idea of ​​creating a multifunctional organizer, so you have many options at your disposal for organizing the interior of the Work Folio A4. The interior of the accessory includes dark-colored elastic pockets, with which it is easier to pack the things necessary for work.

When you need to take any notes during a meeting, there is a compartment on the right side of the organizer that holds an A4 size notepad or tablet. If you need both, this is not a problem for the Work Folio — the zipper closes easily, and the accessory retains its minimalist forms. Another confirmation of the versatility of this organizer.

On the left side, you can put those papers, business cards that we collect during the day. But this is only the upper part — folding it, we will see three elastic pockets for the phone, battery, headphones, cable and three compartments for bank cards.

We do this as follows: we put all bank cards in one compartment, the travel ticket and driver’s license in the other, and the most important discount cards in the third. For us, this is the best option, which can be useful for you.

Work Folio A4 is an accessory that has incorporated all the main features of Bellroy products, including wide functionality and stylish design. One of his thoughtful organization surpasses the organizers of other brands. Its impressive capacity for its size is not reflected in the form — Work Folio A4 remains minimalist even when «fully loaded». It is the ideal companion for those who are constantly immersed in work.

Video review of the Bellroy Folio A4 business organizer:


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