Peak Design Everyday Backpack. v2 or zip?

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Since 2010, no bag and backpack company has been as successful in crowdfunding as Peak Design has been. In fact, this brand is the most funded brand in Kickstarter history. The first nine fundraisers, which included the first versions of the Everyday Backpack, Tote and Sling, raised over $6.5 million.

Despite the success achieved with the release of the first version, Peak Design has released an updated version of backpacks, bags and messengers. Today we will compare the updated classic — Everyday Backpack V2, which has absorbed the best features of the previous version and acquired more functionality, and the new Everyday Backpack Zip, which has the potential to stand on a par with the brand’s flagships.

The size

Both backpacks are available in two sizes. Everyday Backpack V2 is available in two sizes — 20 and 30 liters, and Everyday Backpack Zip — 15 and 20 liters. As you can see, they vary in size.


Both backpacks are available in four different colors. Everyday Backpack V2 includes colors such as Midnight (dark blue), Black (black), Charcoal (dark gray), Ash (light gray). The Everyday Backpack Zip, on the other hand, is available in Black, Bone (white with a slightly yellowish tint), Ash and Midnight.

Form and structure

The Everyday Backpack V2 has a slimmer and rounder profile than the previous version. Comparing it to the Everyday Backpack Zip, we can say that it is visually larger and has a more durable structure.

The Zip version is more streamlined with zippers. This backpack is based on a trapezoidal shape, the corners of which are aesthetically rounded. So the Zip version has a more urban and minimalist style.

Lightning Zip vs. Lock MagLatch

The main difference between backpacks is the way the main compartment closes. Everyday Backpack V2 has a MagLatch lock, the mechanism of which is that you close the backpack by hooking on one of the four divisions. At the same time, you have the opportunity to reduce the volume of the backpack. The volume of the 20-litre version can be reduced by 3 liters, and the 30-litre version by 8 points, by attaching the hook on the very last step.

Everyday Backpack Zip is equipped with a zipper that runs around the entire perimeter of the backpack. This provides a full opening of the main compartment, which makes it easy to organize things. But it is important to note that this version does not have the ability to expand or shrink the volume, as in version V2.

External/internal storage

Both backpacks have multiple hidden pockets to securely store extra items. They can be found at the top of the main compartment, on the inside of the side wings, and in the laptop compartment. In addition, both V2 and Zip are equipped with elasticated side pockets that can hold a bottle of water, an umbrella or a tripod, for example.

The similarity of the versions is that they are both compatible with the CordHook system. These are the attachment points for straps located on the outside, which can carry various bulky items that do not fit into the interior.

Separators FlexFold

The internal organization of both backpacks has one thing in common — FlexFold dividers, which can change their shape, like origami, and thereby change the configuration of the main compartment, forming «shelves» in which various items can be folded.

The FlexFold dividers can be attached at any point in the interior thanks to Velcro. At the same time, these organizational elements can be omitted altogether so that the interior compartment is roomy enough for large items. The difference between the backpacks lies in the number of FlexFold dividers in the kit — there are three in the Everyday Backpack V2, and two in the Zip version.

Laptop compartment

Both backpacks include an adjustable laptop compartment up to 15 inches. You can change the height of the compartment in accordance with the diagonal of the gadget by lowering or raising the main wall of the pocket. This is necessary to protect the laptop from mechanical damage.

PS The laptop pocket is separate from the main space.

Sleeve for attaching to a suitcase

Both V2 and Zip include a sleeve through which you can thread the handle of the suitcase. This is a handy addition that will help you relieve your back for a while. The straps in the V2 version will not dangle, as they have a magnetic fastening that keeps them on the back, even when suspended. Zip does not have this feature.

Customizing backpacks to suit individual needs

When it comes to comfort and backpack customization, it’s safe to say that each backpack is superior. We haven’t talked about the wearing comfort of the accessories yet, so I’ll leave it at that.

First, both V2 and Zip have a comfortable and breathable back with lumbar support in the form of lower padded panels. Secondly, soft and wide enough straps, which are fixed with a chest strap. Thus, the backpack fits snugly to the back and does not dangle when walking.

The difference between the versions lies in the weight. The V2 is slightly heavier due to additional hardware (MagLatch, CordHook straps) and an additional FlexFold divider. But the difference is essentially minimal — only 500 g, if we compare the 20-liter versions of both backpacks.


In summary, we can say that the main differences are as follows:

  1. Zip on Zip versus MagLatch on V2
  2. The possibility of expansion / contraction of the volume is available only with V2
  3. Two FlexFold delimiters in Zip vs. Three delimiters in V2
  4. Two CordHook straps (external carry) vs. Four belts for V2
  5. Zip is available in 15 and 20 liter volumes and in Black, Ash, Midnight and Bone; V2 in volumes of 20 and 30 liters and in the colors Black, Ash, Midnight, Charcoal
  6. Zip is lighter than V2
  7. The straps in the Zip version do not have a magnetic attachment to the back

What can we recommend?

In general, both backpacks are suitable as a camera bag and at the same time as an accessory for everyday use — that is, they are quite versatile. The final decision when choosing between the two options must, of course, be made based on individual needs.

The Zip is a more minimalist backpack with a neat aesthetic, while the V2 has a more professional focus and, accordingly, has a bit more functionality in its arsenal.


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