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Peak Design has come a long way since the first Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, successfully releasing functional backpacks and accessories for photographers and travelers. Now, as part of the tenth project, which included an inclusive line of various interesting equipment, the brand turned to a new area for itself — the mobile EDC space — called Mobile by Peak Design. The company introduced a set of universal accessories within the ecosystem of accessories for smartphones under the slogan «Screen time needs to be more efficient«. In this article, we will consider new items from the American brand.

Mobile by Peak Design includes many accessories that can be used with the line’s flagship Everyday Case. We know about the Everyday backpacks, designed for everyday use. It’s the same purpose as the premium functional Everyday Case, ready for your daily adventures.

A little technical part. The Everyday Case is based on a magnetic design that allows the symbiont phone to connect with all accessories in the Mobile line. That is, the case literally becomes the key to all the items in the mobile version of Peak Design. This simplifies life — all the necessary accessories can be activated with one hand movement.

What are the accessories? Their application is incredibly wide — the goal of Peak Design was to introduce their functionality into all areas of our lives. These include the Mobile Tripod, Kickstand Wallet, Car Mount, Motorcycle Mount, Bike Mount, Wall Mount, Wireless Stand and Creator Kit. . Peak Design has thought of all the locations and lifestyles where this product can be useful.

Everyday Case and Universal Adapter

Key elements, «engines» of the entire Mobile system. Everyday Case is a case designed for iPhone (series 11 and 12) and Samsung Galaxy S 30. Universal Adapter is a universal mount designed specifically to integrate absolutely ANY smartphone into the Mobile system. Each of these accessories is equipped with a SlimLink magnetic array for a secure fit in the mounts.

Everyday Case has a thin profile — only 2.4 mm. The cover fully protects the smartphone from drops and bad weather. The Universal Adapter maintains the same thickness and is made from the same material as the Everyday Case. We hope that in the future Peak Design will expand the line of cases, but for now we note that the company did not ignore the desires of those who are not Apple or Samsung users and came up with a functional way out of the situation in the form of a universal adapter.

How it works? The case and adapter are equipped with the SlimLink system. You put your phone in Everyday case (or attach to the back of the gadget Universal Adapter), and then install your mobile phone on any of the accessories below.

The SlimLink system provides both magnetic and mechanical fastening of the smartphone to various accessories. The magnetic lock is ideal for use on a desktop (in conjunction with a wireless charging platform, for example) or in situations where a more secure fit is not needed, while a mechanical lock creates an ultra-secure connection between the phone and accessory — great for bikes, cars, walls etc.

Mobile tripod

To be honest, it’s handy when you don’t have to constantly take your phone out of your pocket or take it off your desk every time you need it. For those who like to have video chats or comfortably watch videos while eating, the Mobile Tripod is a great option.

This accessory is one of the most ergonomic mobile tripods. The tripod folds into a flat design that fits easily into a pocket. Despite its minimalism, the Mobile Tripod when unfolded is a full-fledged, sturdy and flexible tripod, a mini version of the Peak Design Travel Tripod.

Mobile Tripod is not a banal phone holder with which it will be more convenient to watch YouTube, no, it is a full-fledged tripod, complete with a ball head. With it, you can even take portrait and landscape shots from your phone.

Kickstand Wallet

Kickstand Wallet is a nifty portable wallet concept that solves two problems that usually come up during the day. The first has to do with the fact that we often check our pants pocket to make sure that the wallet is there — Kickstand Wallet makes it easy: if the phone is there, then the wallet is too. The second one arises when we want to watch a movie on our phone — we are always looking for something to support the smartphone with — a mug, a remote control, etc. The Kickstand Wallet features a flexible design that doubles as a kickstand.

The Kickstand Wallet works as a minimalist 7-card cardholder with a compartment for your driver’s license. Combining Kickstand Wallet and Everyday Case together, we get an important modern multi-tool (important because it is convenient to watch YouTube with it :).

car Mount

The car mount is a surprising yet logical addition to Peak Design’s MOBILE range as it expands the options for using and interacting with our phone. The ball head integrated into the mount provides complete freedom of choice of viewing angles.

Classic car mounts are usually attached to some part of the car — some can only be attached to the ventilation grill, some only to the windshield. Car Mount is not limited by the framework — it can be placed anywhere.

Like all Peak Design Mobile accessories, it is made of anodized aluminum and is complemented by a special hole for unhindered charging of the gadget.

Wireless Charging stand

The charging cradle is a more functional desktop mobile cradle offering a wireless charging solution. Tilt angle from 0 to 90 degrees with floating fixation and neat aesthetics.

The subtlety, functionality and variability of the angles of the accessory make it a great item for any desktop. First, with the Wireless Charging Stand, you don’t have to depend on the location of the nearest outlet to charge your phone. Secondly, the smartphone will always be in front of your eyes.

Motorcycle Mount

The motorcycle mount will be well received by those looking for a reliable premium motorcycle mount option. Compared to other mounts, Peak Design features a magnetic locking mechanism for increased durability, and a hollow steering shaft nut at the base of the mount ensures a secure fit on the handlebar.

There’s also a handlebar mount option if you prefer an elevated viewing angle — it’s also a bike accessory. All in all, the range of accessories means that no matter which way you decide to travel, there is always a device to help you optimize your phone experience and keep it safe.

The Mobile line is a new look at how we can make our smartphone experience easier in everyday life. The release of accessories for phones is a bold decision by the American company, especially in the present conditions, when such items have flooded the mobile EDC market. However, the Peak Design release includes a huge number of interesting, effective and high-quality items covering all areas of life. It is convenient to equip all locations at once with one ecosystem — a car, a bicycle, and a desktop. And never think about which case to choose.

Time will tell how effective the Mobile line will be in improving our lifestyle, but it certainly surprised and deserves attention now.

Looking forward to Peak Design Mobile coming to Bag & Wallet in 2021. We’ll keep you posted!


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