Peak Design Travel Backpack Review

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In the Peak Design Travel Backpack, one important thing can be noted — there is not a single detail in it that would be much better than the rest and was the «calling card» of the accessory. And it’s a good thing (although it sounds sad) that the brand has gathered together all its best features in this backpack, leaving its main competitors in travel products on the sidelines.

In this article, we will highlight five main points that make the PD Travel Backpack the best travel backpack at the moment.

Rear end

It is just as functional as the main compartment of the backpack. At first glance, nothing special — standard straps and a banal back, but a little closer look, you can understand why we are focusing on this part of the Peak Design Travel Backpack.

Firstly, it is easily folding straps. On the back there are special compartments on magnetic rivets, where they [лямки] can be folded if you don’t need them. This is a very convenient feature, because sometimes dangling straps are very annoying. And so, they will be in a reliable and easily accessible compartment. In addition, it is worth noting the rotational fastening connecting the straps and the backpack. It allows a person to move his torso as he wants, and not as a voluminous accessory will allow it.

Secondly, the waist belt, which in principle is a rare feature in backpacks. Many people believe that this belt is completely useless, but it is not. Since the load on the lower back is high when traveling, the waist belt makes it easier to carry a heavy backpack, taking up to 50% of the weight and distributing it to the hips. In addition, the «belt» does not allow the accessory to hang freely on your back, but firmly fixes it.

For those who do not accept the waist belt in any way, there is a huge plus — it, like the straps, can be folded into a compartment on the back. At the same time, the back part will retain its minimalistic shape, and the “belt” will not put pressure on your spine. It is better that this waist belt will always be at your fingertips or, more precisely, behind your back.

Thirdly, the handle on the back, which transforms the Travel Backpack from a backpack into a travel bag. But this is not the most important thing — it can be used as a fastening to a suitcase. Believe me: carrying a backpack on wheeled luggage is much more convenient than carrying it on your shoulders all the time.

Versatility and adaptability

Peak Design Travel Backpack is versatile — you can either check it in your luggage or take it with you on the plane. It is convenient to travel with it if you have a suitcase on wheels.

The manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make this backpack adaptable to any environment. So, for example, on the top there are two rivets that allow you to reduce or increase the volume of the main compartment. It turns out that in just a couple of seconds you can have either a minimalist backpack or a voluminous travel bag in your hands.

The Peak Design Travel Backpack has two side pockets that can accommodate even the largest water bottles. It was very sensible on the part of the manufacturers to make them elastic so that they fit snugly on the backpack when you are not using them, while maintaining a neat appearance of the accessory.

At the heart of this backpack is the possibility of organizing the internal space with the help of travel bags from Peak Design. This is its adaptability — you can change the interior as you need it. Are you on a business trip or a tourist trip? Not a question, for this there is Tech Pouch, wash Pouch, Packing cube and Shoe Pouch. Want to take incredible photos on top of a mountain? Organize your space with Camera cube.

Ruler peak design Travel line

The article is about the backpack, but we can’t ignore other Travel Line representatives, forgive us!

To begin with, all Peak Design Travel Line accessories are positioned primarily as independent accessories, the functionality of which does not deteriorate if they are not used in conjunction with other products in the line. That is, if you purchase a PD Travel Backpack, it does not mean at all that you have to buy additional travel bags — it is good without them, although the main compartment will be in perfect order with them.

We have checked all travel line bags and can safely make a brief review of each of them.

Packing cube is a garment bag made of durable 40D nylon. The Peak Design Packing Cube has two compartments, one for clean items and one for dirty items. The travel bag expands / contracts due to a strong zipper in the middle. Peak Design Packing Cubes are available in two sizes, Small and Medium, which differ by 15 centimeters in width.

wash Pouch — a toiletry case that combines two important and sometimes incompatible features: miniature size and impressive capacity. The accessory can either be placed on the sink or hung on a removable hook. The toilet bag has many compartments, one of which is located on the outside and was created specifically for the razor. The interior compartment holds all the hygiene items you need on your trip. So, in the middle there is a compartment with magnetic rivets, the dimensions of which are ideal for a toothbrush. If you need to clean the inside of the travel bag, it can be easily turned inside out.

Tech Pouch created for those who cannot go anywhere without taking a huge amount of gadgets with them. The inner pockets of the travel bag are designed in origami style, which means you can pack more things in less space. The main compartment is replete with pockets and compartments — cables, headphones, portable chargers, pens, SD cards, folding knives will lie in their place.

The external zippered pocket (yes, there is one too!) has a hole for the cable, with which it will be convenient to charge the phone without pulling the battery out of the internal space. On the sides of the bag there are elastic handles, thanks to which it is comfortable to hold it in your hands.

Returning to the idea that each Peak Design Travel Line accessory is independent from the rest of the products, we can add that almost all travel bags have belt attachments. peak design straps. It turns out that these are not only travel bags, but also original shoulder bags.

Access to the «intrinsics»

Despite the fact that the backpack has many pockets and compartments, each of them is provided with quick and comfortable access.

The main compartment opens like a shell, making it easy to stow all your essentials inside. Also, only you have access to it — it will be difficult for thieves to sneak up to the internal compartment unnoticed, since the zippers are located right at the back of the backpack. To make you even more calm about the safety of accessories, you can stretch the cable through the sliders and close the mechanism. All things will be literally locked!

One of the main advantages is that there is also access to the main compartment from the side. That is, you do not have to remove the backpack and unzip it completely to put something inside. Everything is very simple and convenient!

backpack structure

Thanks to the dense and durable material underlying the Peak Design Travel Backpack, the backpack is absolutely not subject to deformation. It retains its shape and appearance no matter how busy it is. We know what we’re talking about as many travel backpacks lose their neat appearance when fully loaded.

In addition, the unshakable structure of the backpack retains the option of quick access to all compartments. It keeps the zippers in one plane, making it easy for you to open the compartments of the Peak Design Travel Backpack at all times.

Many manufacturers focus only on certain details of the accessory. In most cases, this means that some features that are considered less important are overlooked and completely lose their importance.

The Peak Design Travel Backpack is not well thought out. Each of its details performs a specific, significant function and makes up a full-fledged backpack capable of performing numerous tasks. If you are thinking about buying a functional travel accessory, then the Peak Design Travel Backpack is the perfect option!

And finally, we give you a gif that briefly and quickly shows all the main properties of the backpack. Happy New Year!


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