Peak Design Travel Dufflepack — a giant in the world of travel backpacks

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The backpack is part of Peak Design’s line of travel accessories. The design is thought out in the style of the brand: neat, knowledgeable and with attention to detail when traveling. As part of the travel range, the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack is compatible with branded travel bags.

The Travel Duffelpack is built with the weather in mind, with a front made from water resistant recycled 600D nylon. Things inside the backpack will be protected from heavy rain.

On both sides of the bag are spacious zippered compartments. They act as quick access compartments to keep your essentials close at hand. Phone or wallet, for example.

Under each of the side compartments are handles — voluminous and dense — just what you need to work with a huge backpack. Massive handles with a powerful seal will come in handy when you have to pull your bag out of a clogged airplane luggage compartment. There will definitely not be a feeling that the handle is about to come off — it “sits” firmly on the backpack. By the way, the side handles are not the only ones, they are located around the entire perimeter of the accessory. This is the flexibility of transportation — the bag can be grabbed regardless of its position.

And now an ambiguous, but, if you think about it, useful thing. Imagine that the bag is lost. Outside there is a small pocket with Velcro, where you can put a mini-ID with the contact information of the owner of the accessory. The person who finds the lost Travel Duffelpack will be able to contact the owner and return the bag.

Flip the bag upside down and you’ll find the attachment points on the base designed to work with the dual external carry straps. They are needed to place outside the accessory those things that did not fit in the main compartment. Several other attachment points are found all around the bag, further proof of the Travel Duffelpack’s great functionality.

The clean aesthetic is further enhanced by a thoughtful design that hides ergonomic contoured shoulder, chest and waist straps, which are padded but densely padded. The straps hide under flat magnetic panels to help maintain a clean look.

The bag’s extended zipper opens up to a deep and spacious main compartment, giving you wide access to the contents and full visibility of everything inside. The standard volume is 45 liters, but 20 additional liters are hidden behind two vertical zippers. By opening them, you get more capacity.

By the way, significant capacity is inextricably linked with the proper organization and ordering of things inside the backpack. The Peak Design Travel line includes several ergonomic travel bags for items that are normally needed while traveling. They are the key to ergonomics and economical organization of all accessories.

Peak Design pays close attention to security issues. The runners can be fastened together — thus, no one except the owner can open the Travel Duffelpack.

Travel Duffelpack aggregates the know-how of Peak Design. A spacious main compartment with additional external and internal pockets, a minimalist aesthetic and comfortable straps – these features can be put on any bag, but in the Travel Dufflepack they are thoughtfully and flawlessly integrated.

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack is designed for avid travelers who often have to carry large loads with them. This bag breaks the stereotype: the more things, the more bags. With the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack, you have a roomy accessory on your shoulders, every element of which makes traveling easier.


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