Peak Design Travel Tripod Review

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San Francisco-based Peak Design has succeeded by creating innovative products for photographers that go beyond the usual look and feel of such products. She recently returned to ruin the notion of another photo accessory. The Travel Tripod is designed to be one of the most compact and minimalist tripods ever made.

Representatives of Peak Design themselves say this: “In the course of four years of development, we have completely revised the design of the tripod. Now it is an accessory that is portable, ergonomic and easy to use, suitable for both professional and novice photographers.«.

What is special about this tripod? First, Peak Design determined that the main problems photographers face with traditional tripods are their bulk and spatial inefficiency. Usually tripods in the assembled state have a lot of useless, «dead» places.

So, Peak Design has created a tripod that does not have these «dead» cavities. The legs and the center stand fit snugly together when folded, and the diameter of the assembled accessory is approximately equal to the diameter of a water bottle, i.e. about 8.5 cm.

In addition to being compact, the tripod is neat when folded and has no unnecessary protrusions. And it’s comfortable to wear — like using shoulder strapas well as in bag or backpack.

Despite its incredible compactness and ergonomics when folded — characteristics that can hardly be found in analogues — the unassembled tripod has a height of approximately 1.5 meters.

Secondly, deploying the Travel Tripod is a quick and intuitive process, as all the elements required for this are on the surface and are easy to operate. What needs to be done to put the accessory into working mode? On the bottom of the tripod there are four levers that open separate segments in the tripod that are responsible for its height. Open them and adjust the working height you need.

The appearance of the tripod is kept as simple as possible in order to achieve minimalism and space efficiency (i.e. no useless places). Instead of a long traditional handle, the Travel Tripod uses a 360 degree embossed ring to rotate the camera. With it, the camera is rigidly fixed in the position you need.

The top of the Travel Tripod features a branded quick release plate. It allows you to quickly and easily mount your camera (even if it’s a full-frame SLR with a large lens). The system can be combined with existing Peak Design accessories such as the mount Capture Camera Clip.

The tripod also includes: built-in phone mount, bubble level, counterweight hook and soft case.

During its existence, Peak Design organized 8 campaigns on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, which turned out to be 100% effective. It seems that the new tripod will bring only positive emotions and become another successful release of the brand.


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