Peak Design Wash Pouch is a key element of EDC travel

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The number one feature is waterproof. The travel bag is made from recycled 200D nylon with a double PU coating and a durable water-repellent layer. The zippers are waterproof. The contents will definitely be protected from getting wet. And vice versa. If, for example, the shower gel leaks, then the clothes in the bag will not be affected in any way.

Feature number two is style. Peak Design uses the same material in both ranges. Sage is a warm shade of sage with elements of contrasting nubuck — or Black is a minimalist black with discreet hypalon accents.

Feature number three is effective organization. The main compartment features an origami design that maximizes storage capacity while providing a wide range of accessory organization options. In total — thirteen separate sections of different sizes.

The accessory includes a network of TPU-coated silicone mesh pockets, a magnetic toothbrush compartment and a large zippered organizer compartment. Thus, the accessories are separated from each other.

Outside the main compartment is a razor pocket. It isolates the sharp blades of the accessory from other objects.

Feature number four is cleanability. The bag can be easily cleaned. There are small loops in the inner space — pull them and turn the inner materials of the toilet bag outward. So, the fabric is in a comfortable position for cleaning. And the material of the bag is easy to clean.

Feature number five is minimalism and functionality. Yes, the Wash Pouch is larger than classic hygienic bags, but nevertheless fits comfortably in the hand, like a purse. It is convenient to work with the toilet bag — there is a carrying handle. And there is a hook — you can hang a handbag on it, and it becomes a mini-locker in which hygiene products are in quick access.

Let’s sum up. Organizing your toiletries is just as important as organizing other items. But, as a rule, a purse for personal hygiene items is not given much attention, although this should not be.

Proper travel preparation is in the details. Storage of hygiene items is one of these details. Peak Design Wash Pouch will help the traveler to make the trip more comfortable and organized. Yes, these are just toiletries, but comfort lies in attention to detail. And this is the global goal of Peak Design products.


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