Pioneer Wallets Review

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In 2016, designer Henry Lefens founded Pioneer Carry. His dream was to create durable, functional and durable accessories. He had experience in this business — before launching the production of wallets, Henry was engaged in the development of climbing equipment.

The first prototypes of Pioneer Wallets were given to people with a wide variety of hobbies — from mountaineering to riding bikes. Over time, it turned out that the accessories are not torn and do not even have traces of use. However, it is noteworthy that no one returned the prototypes back — people liked them so much.

Since then, new models with improved performance have appeared, in particular, Henry Lefens began to use more durable material and created more functional and roomy models. And all this happened under the main slogan — Designed to be useful for a lifetime!

The main features of Pioneer wallets are their material and shape.

They are made from 10XD ripstop nylon, which is high molecular weight polyethylene fibers mixed with nylon ripstop. Such threads are used in the production of ropes, nets, cables and shockproof protective materials, because they have a high tensile strength. Ripstop, in turn, increases the density of the wallet. Due to it, the tear strength of the accessory increases — small cuts will not disperse. Although the probability of their appearance on such a wallet is extremely minimal, since, as the manufacturers say, the accessory is not only not inferior in strength to steel (!), but also exceeds it by 10 times.

The shape of Pioneer Wallets is defined by the unique Future Form technology, which is a rigid frame that keeps the wallet’s silhouette neat and makes its «skeleton» more reliable and durable. The essence of this model is that in areas of increased load, manufacturers used adhesive seams of high wear and survivability. They are many times stronger than those that underlie ordinary leather wallets and are more prone to tearing.

Speaking of skin. The material that Pioneer Wallets are made from feels like leather and has a similar smoothness. The main difference is that 10XD ripstop nylon will not crack or fade. In addition, the wallet can be washed in a washing machine (better, of course, without cards and banknotes). And with it you can not be afraid to get caught in the pouring rain — the material of the accessory is water resistant.

There are 4 models of Pioneer Wallets in our store: Matter Bifold, Flyfold, The Ion Wallet and Molecule Card Wallet. Each accessory is presented in three colors: Black, Blue and Onyx.

All models are made of the material described above. Their difference lies in spaciousness and functionality.

The Matter Bifold has 4 card slots, which can hold 4 to 12 cards respectively. At the same time, the accessory is deprived of a separate compartment for banknotes.

Flyfold has 2 card slots (for 3-6 credit cards) and 1 note slot. Overall, it’s similar to the Matter Bifold, but with a more minimalistic design.

The Ion Wallet is a cardholder wallet with 2 card slots for 4-8 cards. This option is the smallest of the Pioneer line.

Molecule Card Wallet is a classic cardholder with 3 compartments for credit cards. They can also hold folded banknotes.

Pioneer are wallets made from ultra-durable and innovative material. Each accessory from the line can hold more than 8 cards and several banknotes and at the same time looks neat and minimalistic.


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