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From this article you will learn:

  • What men’s bags are the most popular
  • How to choose a good men’s shoulder bag
  • How to properly care for such a bag
  • How to wear a men’s genuine leather shoulder bag

Men most often use bags to store small items (wallet, keys, documents) and gadgets. For many, wearing such an accessory may be unusual at first. However, after a while, everyone is convinced of its convenience and practicality. In addition, a well-chosen men’s bag can become a fashionable touch that perfectly complements a stylish look. From this article you will learn what men’s bags made of genuine leather over the shoulder are, how to choose and wear them.

Types of men’s bags made of genuine leather over the shoulder

Men’s accessories that are worn over the shoulder are convenient because they do not occupy the hands and do not hinder movements. You can immediately distinguish such a model by its long and wide belt. The most popular are genuine leather and suede products.

Most often there are shoulder bags with an adjustable strap, sometimes with a shoulder pad for more comfort.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

Men’s accessories are made in the form of a square, rectangle or semicircle. They are characterized by traditional dark shades: dark blue, black, beige, brown, dark gray. In rare cases, they are decorated in burgundy, white or purple.

In the manufacture of men’s bags made of genuine leather over the shoulder, materials such as:

  • Calfskin.It is used in the production of accessories of the most luxury brands. The main advantage is a smooth and pleasant to the touch surface.
  • Lamb skin.Men’s bags made of this natural material are quite expensive and require special care. The popularity of raw materials is due to its softness and pleasant creamy tint.
  • Rawhide.A rare material that does not go through the tanning stage during processing. Differs in softness and delicacy.
  • Nappa— calf skin. It is processed through chrome tanning. Nappa products are famous for their smooth and very delicate surface.
  • Patent leather.Smooth and shiny. It has strong water-repellent properties, which are obtained by processing with a special substance.
  • Grainy skin.The name of this raw material speaks for itself, as its unique advantage is its granular surface.
  • Nubuck.It is one of the varieties of smooth calfskin, the characteristic features of which are a velvety texture, delicacy and vulnerability.
  • Suede leather.The texture is similar to nubuck. At the same time, suede is much more valuable, since the inner surface of cowhide is processed to obtain it.
  • Vachetta.It is untreated leather, the main disadvantages of which are rapid contamination and darkening from sunlight. Mainly used for finishing accessories.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

Depending on how shoulder bags are locked, they are divided into several types:

  • with top tie;
  • with a zipper or one or more fasteners;
  • with frame lock;
  • with a valve on top, which is equipped with a magnet closure or straps.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

According to the type of material that is used to make men’s bags made of genuine leather over the shoulder, products are:

  • soft, not holding shape;
  • semi-rigid, with separate rigid elements;
  • rigid, which are sewn from a material that retains its shape or contains a rigid material at its core.

Most men’s shoulder bags come in one of two basic shapes — horizontal or vertical. The vertical model is designed to store and carry a small number of items. Usually this is a fairly thin product, with many additional pockets. It often carries a netbook or tablet computer.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

Horizontal male models are considered more versatile. They, in turn, are of two types — over the shoulder and business. The main differences between these varieties are the way they are worn and the style.

As a rule, the size of horizontal accessories is much larger than vertical ones. Therefore, it is more convenient to carry a medium or large laptop, as well as voluminous documents. With a sufficient thickness of the horizontal product, there will still be room for a sweater, gloves and other useful things.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

In appearance and capacity, there are five main types of such men’s bags made of genuine leather over the shoulder.

  1. Postman.The most capacious horizontal model. For its manufacture, soft leather or textiles are used. Usually in such a bag there are many pockets and compartments, so it is very convenient to carry any necessary things in it. The most popular are natural leather and suede men’s products, with additional decorative elements (pockets, straps, rivets, clasps).

  2. Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

  3. Messenger.It is a square semi-rigid accessory made of leather or dense textile. It accommodates personal items to the maximum and is great for everyday use. Contains several internal compartments and an external pocket. It is closed on the top valve (as a rule, also with a pocket).

  4. Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

  5. Tablet. This option is smaller than the previous two. It is a compact model of a postman, only leather. Usually contains up to three internal compartments and an external pocket.

  6. Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

  7. «For the camera».Compact leather over-the-shoulder model with a square shape. Due to its rigid frame and strap closure, it looks like a camera case.
  8. Case.The miniature product looks more like a pocket on a belt than a bag. Suitable for money and other small items. There is an open male model of a leather case without fasteners, from which it is very convenient to get the necessary things on the go.

  9. Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

Genuine leather men’s shoulder bags with a minimum number of details are perfectly combined with both casual and business style. The same products, but with a lot of accessories and pockets, made of textiles in bright colors, are suitable only for the free style inherent in creative individuals and students.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

How to choose men’s genuine leather shoulder bags

Today, the choice of genuine leather men’s shoulder bags is so diverse that sometimes you just don’t have time to inspect all the products that are in the store. This can significantly complicate the selection of a suitable accessory for a particular image. However, not everything is as complicated as it seems at first glance. Even under such conditions, it is possible to make the right choice of a men’s product that will be fashionable, beautiful and suitable for your individual style.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

To get started, decide which bag material is right for you. To choose the right genuine leather product over your shoulder, you should know some of the nuances.

Buy men’s accessories only from brands you trust or check the naturalness of the material yourself. Pay attention to the label with a sample of the material of the product you like. Its curly shape means genuine leather, and in the form of a rhombus, leather substitute. Natural material can also be distinguished by its characteristic smell, and the substitute smells like paint or varnish.

Genuine leather has good heat transfer. So, from your touch it will become warm, but at the same time it will remain dry.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

The leatherette will take longer to heat up and become slightly damp from the warmth of the hand.

Another well-known method of recognizing a genuine leather product is to drop a drop of water on it. The skin will immediately absorb water, and the leatherette will repel it and the drop will drain. This method will not work only if the accessory is treated with a special water-repellent substance.

If you decide to pick up a suede men’s model over your shoulder, run your hand over its surface. After these manipulations, natural suede will change its shade, while artificial suede will not change in any way. This is a «suede phenomenon» that cannot be faked yet.

Evaluate the quality of the lining by carefully inspecting all pockets and compartments. In high-quality models, it will be durable and made of natural cotton. There should be no extra threads inside the product, and the lining should not fluff at the seams.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

Carefully inspect each seam of a men’s genuine leather shoulder bag. The leather material is strong enough, which means that the seams will be the most vulnerable places. So that the life of the accessory is not reduced due to parted seams, good manufacturers perform a double machine line.

Hold the bag by the handles, they should not slip.

Then check the fittings (locks, buttons, zippers). Each element should be fastened and unfastened easily, without requiring any additional effort.

Metal decorative elements must be in perfect condition, without any scratches or chips.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

If the product is equipped with a shoulder strap, check its width and comfort, it should not rub the shoulder. Adjust the length of the belt, see its largest and smallest values. The most comfortable men’s models with a shoulder strap are equipped with an additional lock against slipping.

The color of a men’s genuine leather shoulder bag should match the color of your clothes. Brown models look great with jeans or blue suits, while black models look great with black ones. Ideally, the color of the shoes should also be considered. Because according to the rules of good manners, a men’s accessory should be the same color as the shoes.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

Make sure that the model you like will fit all the things you need. By following these recommendations, you will be able to make the right choice and find the option that best suits you.

How to keep the look of a men’s genuine leather shoulder bag

Improperly caring for the product, you risk shortening its life.

It is strongly not recommended to store it in a plastic bag, as oxidative processes affect the color of the material. Natural leather accessories need air, so put them in a bag made of natural fabric (often included with the bag). Don’t crease them.

Leather products should be protected from direct sunlight by storing them in a dark place (for example, in a closet).

Do not keep the accessory in close proximity to heaters and batteries.

Men's genuine leather shoulder bags

Clean the men’s genuine leather shoulder bag as it gets dirty. To do this, remove the contents, turn the lining inside out, gently launder it and rinse. Wash the surface of the product with a sponge dipped in soapy water or a special product (following the instructions for it).

Remove the remaining product with a damp cloth, and wipe the material dry. Once you’ve finished cleaning your bag, you can apply a colorless cream to add shine and extra protection. And with the help of a special cream, you can also hide imperfections such as creases and scratches.

Stubborn stains can be removed with an alcohol-based product. Do this carefully, as alcohol dries out the skin.

From time to time, wipe the material of the product and its lining with a damp cloth, thereby maintaining its perfect condition.

Caring for a natural suede accessory

Natural suede products over the shoulder, just like leather ones, should be stored away from sunlight and in a cotton bag. At the same time, they need to be stuffed from the inside with paper in order to maintain their original shape.

Another enemy of suede is water. If the suede product gets very wet, wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth, and then dry it at room temperature by hanging it by the handles.

Clean the accessory from dirt in time and regularly wipe its surface with a special rubber brush (or sponge) with a colorless aerosol.

If necessary, you can wash the bag with soapy water, but do not allow the material to absorb water. Suede cannot be rubbed.

Glossy bends can be rubbed with sandpaper «zero». Do this carefully so as not to tear off the layer of pile.

How to wear men’s genuine leather shoulder bags

Any bag is inconvenient to carry in your hands if it is heavy. In such situations, you simply can not do without a shoulder strap. A men’s bag made of genuine leather over the shoulder can be worn in two ways — straight and cross. Following the direct method, you need to position the belt on one side, parallel to the side seam on the garment.

This may not always be convenient, as the accessory will fall off the shoulder from time to time. In order not to correct it constantly, use the cross-wearing method.

It is recommended to place the male model with a shoulder strap in the pelvic area or slightly above it. If it hangs lower, then in the process of walking it will touch the leg.

Where to buy a men’s bag made of genuine leather over the shoulder

Top quality BRIALDI — the result of many successive operations, the first of which is the selection of material. Only 10% of the leather produced worldwide meets our requirements, and not all of it is honored to become the basis for our products. Only the highest quality raw materials, carefully selected by our specialists, are worthy of turning into a BRIALDI bag. But first, the skin is cut, doubled, leveled, glued, sanded, sanded and re-sanded and dyed.

Our policy towards employees is also aimed at creating bags of the highest quality. They are not limited in time and are not required to issue a certain number of products per week. We do not strive to do as much as possible — we want each bag to be the result of thoughtful and painstaking work, with special attention to detail, without which a high-end product is unthinkable.

Each BRIALDI product is a true handmade masterpiece, because we select our employees as carefully as we select the leather for our bags. All of them are true masters of their craft, for whom an excellent result of work is the only possible result of painstaking creation, and the pursuit of excellence is a constant motivator.

And further:

  • Free shipping. We will deliver your order to any region of Russia for free
  • designer models. Our own model range and small volume of production makes our product unique and emphasizes the sophistication of the taste of our customers.
  • Stylish business solution. BRIALDI leather bags will perfectly complement your business look.
  • 365 days warranty. We are confident in the quality of our products and that is why we provide a full year warranty.
  • Responsibility to buyers. If you prove that the leather is not natural, we will refund the cost of the product in double the amount. In this case, the purchase will remain with you.
  • Each masterpiece has its own author. Only one master works on each bag, working according to traditional Italian technologies.
  • 8 hours = 480 minutes = 28,800 seconds. The average time it takes a BRIALDI craftsman to create one leather masterpiece.
  • Only natural materials. All products are made of high quality leather of elite varieties: Antique, Floater, GreatNappa, Venezia.
  • Attention to detail. Masters of the private leather manufactory BRIALDI set themselves the task of creating a perfect leather product. That is why great attention is paid to details.

Leather men’s shoulder bags in our catalog


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