Portable Que Bottle Review

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If you’re not drinking enough water just because you don’t have room for a bottle in your bag, then you should definitely consider Que Bottle.

Bag&Wallet has already had interesting releases of compact water bottles (we are talking about Memobottle), which are convenient to take with you, since their shape is similar to a medium-sized notepad. Que Bottle is a fundamentally new look at such accessories.

At first glance, it may seem that the upward twist simply adds a twist to the bottle’s unique design, but it is much more than just a design element. The spiral shape of the Que Bottle has a functional basis — with it you can change the volume of the accessory. Expanded bottle capacity — 600 ml. When empty, you can roll it up into a more compact 235ml version.

The functionality of the Que Bottle is based not only on its exceptional design, but also on the safe and flexible silicone material. It is non-toxic, does not react with water (even hot) and does not emit unpleasant odors or tastes. The bottle cap is also made of food grade stainless steel.

The Que Bottle can be filled with hot drinks and is dishwasher safe. If the cap is screwed on, then there should be no problems with the tightness of the bottle — the accessory is very reliable.

Que Bottle launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign with an initial goal of $20,000. The brand has collected almost 30 times more, and for good reason. The bottle idea is really ingenious and exceptional. And its implementation is safe and modern. Looks like it’s time to ditch single-use plastic bottles with Que Bottle.


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