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Secrid is a Dutch company that produces leather wallets. Miniwallet is one of them, a miniature metal case for cards, in an elegant case and with a compartment for bills. It is delivered to customers in a black box slightly larger than the palm of a hand, along with a piece of paper that contains a brief history of the company and background information.

You can choose your wallet from 46 color and leather types:

I will tell you my impressions of the week with the emerald Miniwallet.

The leather is matte, soft and durable: the wallet is not afraid of the proximity to the keys in the trouser pocket.

The main feature of Secrid wallets is that the lever for cards at the bottom of the case is pressed easily, the cards shoot out with a “ladder” of about two centimeters in a split second.

The lever for «shooting» cards is plastic, but durable:

It is impossible to steal money from the cards inside — the aluminum case protects them from RFID theft:

The stitching along the edges of the wallet is pretty: even (but not perfect) stitches with a strong thread to match the main color:

Inconvenience arises when you need to put cash in your wallet. It keeps well inside, but it is difficult to insert it into a special hard pocket. It’s probably a matter of habit though.

If you put more than 8 bills, then the wallet will noticeably fill up:

There is no compartment for coins — the wallet remains compact, but the change begins to accumulate in a bag or pockets.

Miniwallet weighs 72 grams, which is less than a bar of chocolate, and is almost not felt in a pants pocket.

Using a wallet is convenient if you have no more than 5-7 cards with you and you do not carry a lot of cash with you. You can pay without taking out all the cards to the end: click the lever, take the desired card and remove the unnecessary ones.

Author: Sofia Tkacheva


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