Review of The County Folding Knife by James Brand

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The County is a reimagining of the classic pocket knife — the one that your grandfather always had on hand and that you always dreamed of taking with you as a child. If you think this knife is overrated, then you are wrong. We have reviewed The County from all sides and are ready to provide a detailed review of the accessory, after which everything will fall into place.

You can talk about this knife starting from the packaging. To say that it is well thought out is an understatement. In addition to the sophistication and pleasant appearance, the packaging has another cool feature that you will not find in any other brand. To find out the additional characteristics of the knife (which, by the way, are really useful), you need to cut a part of the packaging material with it, where you can find «secret information» about the accessory.

The first impression of the knife is that it is very small. When closed, it is only 9 cm, and 2 cm wide. The weight of the accessory is a little more than 50 g. But it cannot be said that such small dimensions somehow negatively affect the functionality of the knife. On the contrary, from such minimalistic dimensions, the accessory becomes more practical. Believe me, he is in no way inferior to his «big brothers».

And although the knife is quite light and small, there is no feeling that it will now break from the slightest strain. Due to the strong and voluminous handle for its dimensions, this is a strong tool that you want to use for a long time and diligently. It is a tool, since the blade is not the only thing that is built into the accessory. Generally, The County looks very confident.

A huge plus of the knife is that the handle fits both hands. The blade is made of Sandvik 12C27 steel, all other metal parts are made of durable 416 stainless steel. To open the knife, you need to pull the notch on the blade and lock it in place. To close, make sure your fingers are out of reach of the sharp blade, and then return it to its original position by pressing down. This type of lock is secure, all fingers will remain in place.

Blade type is straight. It has a solid cutting edge, which makes it the most versatile in terms of performing various tasks. It also allows standard cuts to be made smoothly and with minimal resistance. A smooth blade is easier to care for than a serrated blade. This characteristic is especially appreciated when the knife needs to be sharpened.

The design is minimalistic, the engraving on the blade is modest, but looks very elegant. The same story with the handle, where the brand logo is engraved, which is not striking, but is a harmonious detail of a strict and stylish handle.

The handle is crafted from walnut (an ebony version is also available) and 416 stainless steel. From the lanyard ring to the top screw, the steel details create a unique look.

This knife looks like it was pulled out of a time capsule. Only instead of a rusty camping knife in your hands you have a classic folding knife with a modern design, which, among other things, is many times more functional than its «ancestors». This knife can be passed down from generation to generation without worrying that it will corrode over the years. If you properly care for the accessory, it will become an eternal, ageless relic.

Sounds sentimental, but we think it’s cool to have a reminder of how one little pocket knife you dreamed about as a kid has become more than just an accessory for you. Which performs many more functions than the average folding knife. And which you will gladly pass on to your grandchildren.


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